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Mangal Keshav Account Opening & AMC Charges

Mangal Keshav charges NULL for the opening of a trading account with them and is the one-time fee charged while initiating your account opening process. NULL are annual maintenance charges for a demat account and would get deducted from your account even if you have not traded for a year by Mangal Keshav to maintain your account.

Name Details
Trading Account Opening Fee NULL
Demat Account Opening Fee NULL
Demat Account AMC NULL
Trading Account AMC NULL
Mangal Keshav Brokerage Charges

Please find below Mangal Keshav Brokerage charges in their basic Plan. Mangal Keshav provides delivery trade at 0.30%, Intraday Trade at 0.03%, Equity Future Trade at 0.03%, and Equity Option Trade at ₹100 per lot.

Plan Name Basic Plan
Equity Delivery 0.30%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Future 0.03%
Equity Options ₹100 per lot
Currency Futures 0.03%
Currency Options 0.03%
Monthly Fee NULL
Margin Trading -
Commodity Futures -
Commodity Options -
Mangal Keshav Transaction Charges (Per Crore)

The Brokers in India charges Transaction / Turnover charges along with Brokerage on every order executed through the stock exchange. These charges differ by the stock exchange in which you trade and type of trades like delivery, intraday or F&O, etc. Mangal Keshav Transaction charges are as per the below table:

Name Details
Equity Delivery ₹325 Per Cr
Equity Intraday ₹325 Per Cr
Equity Future * ₹190 Per Cr
Equity Options * ₹5000 Per Cr
Currency Futures * ₹110 Per Cr
Currency Options ₹4000 Per Cr
Commodity -
Mangal Keshav Other Charges

A lot of other Charges are getting levied other than brokerage by Mangal Keshav like minimum brokerage, call & Trade charges, Stamp duty, DP Charges, etc. A list of the same is in the below table.

Name Details
Minimum Brokerage Null
Call & Trade Null
Stamp Duty * Charges as per the state of residence
DP Charges (on sell side) Null
Other Miscellaneous Charges -
Mangal Keshav Demat Account Charges

The charges on Demat account transactions are charged separately and over and above trading Brokerage. Find Mangal Keshav demat account charges 2020.

Name Details
Depository Service Provider CDSL & NSDL
Account Opening Fee NIL
Advance Deposit Deposit Scheme? ₹1000/- where AMC will not be charged and amount will be refundable at Time of Closure of demat account. If the account is closed prior to one year deposit amount will not be refunded.
AMC Scheme

A: ₹750/- Individual Scheme

B: ₹199/- Individual Scheme

C: ₹500/- NRI Scheme

D:₹199/- Plus CDSL Charges for Corporate

Dematerialisation Charges ₹ 150/- Inclusive of Courier Charges + ₹ 100/- Per Certificate
Rematerialisation Charges Upfront ₹ 150/- plus CDSL Charges Inclusive of Courier Charges + ₹ 100/- Per Certificate
Transaction Charges (Credit) -
Transaction Charges (debit) 0.05% On the Value of the Debit Transactions with Minimum ₹100/-
Pledge Creation Charges Charge Charged By the Depository + 0.02% On the Value of the Application
Pledge Creation Confirmation Charges NIL
Pledge Invocation Charges Charge Charged By the Depository + 0.02% On the Value of the Application
Failed Instruction Charges NIL
Other Charges NIL

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