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icici-direct vs indiabulls-ventures-ltd-ivl : Compare icici-direct and indiabulls-ventures-ltd-ivl

So many brokers are offering stock trading & Demat services in India, which one is best, which one provides the services at the lowest price, provides best mobile trading application, the best research team, etc. All answers to your questions would be available here.

We offer a unique feature to compare 5 brokers side by side in one go which is our key USP and can connect you to various share brokers to help you in Opening your Trading and Demat account to start or change in your investment Journey.

Here we provide side by side comparison between icici-direct and indiabulls-ventures-ltd-ivl , Below comparison of icici-direct vs indiabulls-ventures-ltd-ivl highlights the variations of Brokerage charges & services offered, Compare their ratings, brokerage & AMC charges, Investment choices, Customer Service, Demat Account, features, Platforms, and running offers.

One on One comparison of icici-direct vs indiabulls-ventures-ltd-ivl is given below:

ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Brokerage & Other Charges
Experience (Yrs / No. Of User)
Customer Services
Investment Offering
Plateform & Tools
Mobile Trading
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Minimum Brokerage Rs. 35 NA
Brokerage Plan I Saver Plan: 0.75% to 0.25% (Depending on the volume). I Secure Plan : 0.55% Irrespective of volume. Pre-paid : 0.45% to 0.12% NA
Equity Delivery 0.55% Free
Equity Intraday 0.275% 0.01% or Rs.15 whichever is lower
Equity Future 0.05% to 0.03% 0.01% or Rs.15 whichever is lower
Equity Options Flat Rs 95 to 35 Per contract Rs 15 per lot
Currency Future 0.05% to 0.03% Rs.15 per trade
Currency Options Flat Rs 25 to 10 Per lot Rs 15 per lot
Commodity Trading NA N/A
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Equity Delivery NSE : 0.00310% | BSE 0.00280% Rs 325 per Cr
Equity Intraday NSE : 0.00350%, BSE ? 1.5 Rs 325 per Cr
Equity Future NSE : 0.0018% Rs 250 Per Cr
Equity Options NSE : 0.0450%|BSE 0.0450% Rs 5500 Per Cr
Currency Future NSE: 0.0009% Rs 120 Per Cr
Currency Options NSE: 0.04% Rs 4200 Per Cr
Commodity Trading NA N/A
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Accounting Opening (Trading A/c) Rs 975 Rs. 450
Accounting Opening (Demat A/c) Rs 100 NIL
AMC Yearly (Trading) NIL NIL
AMC Yearly (Demat) Rs 500/Rs 600 Rs. 450
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Call in Trade
Trading in Both the Exchanges
3 in 1 Online Trading Account
NRI Services
Offers Multiple Plan
IPO Investment
Brokerage Calculator
Margin Calculator
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Commodity Trading
Investment in Mutual Funds
Investment in ETFs
Investment in Bonds
Investement in Debt funds
Banking Services
Insurance Services
SIP (Mutual Funds)
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Toll Free Number
Live Chat Facility
Email Facility
Branch Offices
Customer Care
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Mobile App_Android
Mobile App_Iphone
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
Equity Trading Recommendations
Equity Investment Recommendations
Free Tips
Daily Market Reports
ETF Research
Quarterly Results
Mutual Fund recommendation Basis Risk Profile
Mutual fund comparision
ICICI DirectIndiabulls Ventures Ltd(IVL)
No of Active Users 813559 47342+
Years of Experience >10 Yr >19 Yr