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  1. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan):
    • Child Education Planning: Investment should be starting from the first phase of life itself because it makes a huge difference when it is needed or gets matured. The broker tells you the same thing and here gives you a plan to go for it. As the thumb rule says start early to invest and your interest will enjoy interest. GCL Securities provides you the perfect solution of investment in Equity or Debts.

    • Tax Saving: The broker provides the solution for tax planning accordingly. A person should see these factors before going to the tax saving investments:

      • Minimum risk
      • Low cost investment
      • Substantial returns
      • Maximum tax returns
    • The broker provides Life Insurance Tax Saving Investment: where an individual fixes up  a particular amount and pays the premium for that Under section 80 (C), on a monthly basis which directly gets paid from your account and reduces your tax burden. Similar way there are many other instruments:

      • Health Insurance Tax Saving Investment.
      • Elss Mutual Funds Tax Saving Investment.
      • National Pension Scheme Tax Saving Investment.
      • Public Provident Fund Tax Saving Investments.
      • Fixed Deposits Scheme.
      • Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.
      • Rajeev Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme.
      • Voluntary Provident Fund.
      • National Saving Certificate.
  2. Commodity:The broker provides solutions for increasing and strengthen your portfolio by giving you exposure to commodities. Your return ration increases and risk gets reduced. GCL provide their customers security with intense research on commodities, physical delivery and procurement of commodities. GCL Securities has a vast experience in providing commodity solutions.

  3. Currency: Generally, there will be so many brokers who will be charging a fee from individuals and will not be giving appropriate results but GCL securities guides amateurs like how to trade in currency and earn a risk free income. It's a fast platform with less hustle bustle.

  4. Derivatives: When you invest on derivatives with GCL Securities, the broker ensure that you get maximum leverages on your fund. Whenever you face any difficulty in trading you can communicate with the associates for smooth trading experience. Also, the broker provides a hassle-free trading in the mobile application.

  5. Fixed Income: These in return gives a regular return to the investors, as a long-term capital gives a tax benefit to the individual, is a time period saving instrument. GEPL Capital offers bonds, corporate fixed deposits, tax saving bonds.

  6. Mutual Funds:With one account only you can handle all the securities at a time which is faster than any other broker. The broker provides mutual fund research two times in a month so that individuals can choose the best option. They also provide a back office where you can easily manage your investments, where you can easily maintain buying and selling (trade).

  7. IPO' The broker gives you opportunity to invest in IPO's. GCL Securities risk-guard its clients from risky IPO's and provides easy and hassle free IPO filling.

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Product & Services

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Equity Future & Option Trading * -
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Customer Services

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GCL Securities Other Investement

Other Investement

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Investment in Corporate Debt instruments * -
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