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Products & Services offered by HDFC Securities

HDFC securities Ltd provides 3 in 1 service – Banking, Trading and Demat account to Investors for easy and paperless transactions. Their online real-time platform provides customer to trade in NSE and BSE, Investment option in equity cash, derivatives, currency, IPOs, Mutual Funds, NCDs, Bonds and Corporate FDs.

Key Services of HDFC Securities are:

  • HDFC Securities DO IT YOURSELF SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN (DIYSIP): With this service, customer can make their own SIP investment plan and start investing in small amount on recurring cycle. With DIYSIP you can invest in Stocks, Gold ETFs or Index ETFs. There is no locking period so you can invest as much as you want and you can come out any time.
  • HDFC Security ENCASH Service: With this, customer can get their sell credited in Bank account on trading day itself. Usually normal settlement cycle is T+2 days, but with ENCASH service you can get cash on same trading day so you have more liquidity for trading.
  • After Market Order or Off market Order: HDFC Securities allows its client to place AMO. With this you can place your order with limit price well in advance or when market is close. This order will be sent to exchange on beginning of next trading session. Clients can place their AMO order from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM or 3:30 AM to 8:59 AM or 9:08 AM to 9:15 AM.
  • Margin Trading: You can do Margin Trading with HDFC securities. Margin calculator to give you up front margin requirement is available with trading application. You need to square off your position on same day or pay full money and get the delivery of stocks.
  • HDFC Security e-Margin: This service is kind of paid service, but you can get margin for T+5 days. With this you can hold your stocks for 6 days. Clients need to pay initial margin when buying the scripts and need to pay interest on remaining amount @.05% per day till square off.
  • HDFC Security Margin Against Shares or Shares as Collateral: Clients can get additional margin against the Stocks available in demat account. This fund should be return back in T+1 days.
  • HDFC Securities Research Service: with HDFC Securities, you can avail daily stock commentary; daily, weekly and monthly research reports, derivatives research reports,mutual funds daily, weekly, monthly research. Currency weekly research report. IPO research report.
  • HDFC Securities Commodity Trading: HDFC Security does not provide service in Commodity Trading.
  • HDFC Demat account: HDFC bank is providing Demat facility by being DP with NSDL and CSDL. Demat account opened with HDFC bank is part of 3-in -1 account from HDFC securities.
  • SMS INSTA : This is paid SMS Research Call service on Mobile, you can avail technical Calls plan for research alerts on stocks recommendation, derivative calls plan is for recommendation on F&O segment. Combo plan is also available.
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  • Call N Trade: allows you to call on a local number in your city & trade on the telephone.
  • **Market Order: You could trade by placing market orders during market hours that allows you to trade at the best obtainable price in the market at the time of execution of the order.
  • ***Limit Order: Allows you to place a buy/sell order at a price defined by you. The execution can happen at a price more favourable than the price, which is defined by you, limit orders can be placed by you during holidays & non market hours too
  • ****3-in-1 online trading platform links your banking, trading and demat accounts, ensuring unmatched convenience for customers.