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Karvy Online Products & Services Offerings:

  1. Equity Trading: : Karvy Stock Broking Ltd offer online trading on both the exchanges – NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). They have very robust trading platform that facilitates customers to trade online not only in equities, but also buy fixed deposits, mutual funds, commodities, currencies and also participate in a public issue.

    • Research: Expert researchers provide over 20 daily research reports along with several other weekly, monthly, thematic, strategy, technical, fundamental, special and seasonal reports.
    • Trading Platforms:Technically advanced mobile trading application, desktop application and browser based trading tool to connect you seamlessly to the market and facilitate smooth and prompt equity trading.
    • Query Resolution: Service support in the form of calls, chats, sms and video calling to provide you with the best solutions to your queries.
    • Assisted Trading Options: This enable you to trade with low connectivity with the help of advisory desk, call and trade and SMS trade options.
    • Pair Trading:Pair Trade is a market-neutral options trading strategy, where stocks of two companies with correlated prices are traded together to hedge risks.
    • Thematic basket:is the best stock portfolio with up to 20 stocks replicating a theme or market trend. Based on thematic strategy, Karvy Online offer a large collection of customizable baskets with theme funds to enable you with easy thematic investing. The baskets can hold between 2 and 20 theme stocks with adjustable weightage to balance the funds.
    • Trade opportunity with different trade order options like:
      • Market Order: Execution of trade at the current market price immediately after order is placed.
      • After Market Order: Order placed during non market hours for execution immediately after the market opens.
      • Limit Order: Execution of trade when the price mentioned in the order is achieved.
      • Cover Order: Order placed with a corresponding Stop Loss Order.
      • Bracket Order:: Order placed with an opposite order to limit loss and lock in profit.
      • Basket Order: Order placed for a group of securities simultaneously.
      • BTST: Selling the shares bought on the previous day, without holding in the demat account.
  2. Mutual Fund Investment:Karvy Online offer the opportunity to invest in Equity Funds, Balanced Funds, Debt Funds and Tax saving Funds across 1600+ funds of 30 AMCs. Karvy Stock Broking Ltd offer Mutual fund investment facility at no extra cost, they do not levy brokerage charges, handling charges, annual maintenance charge or any other hidden costs for mutual fund transactions. You also have the options to invest in Lump sum, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and New Fund Offers (NFO) across all segments.

  3. Commodity Trading:Karvy holds membership of the leading commodity exchanges like Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX), National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India (NMCE) and Ace Commodity Exchange (ACE). Karvy Online provides Regular reports and market insights from our expert researchers, enabling you to take the most informed and profit making decisions.

  4. Derivative Trading:You can trade in Future, options Trade at greater speed with our advanced platforms through Desktop, Web or Mobile App.

  5. Trading in Currency Market :

  6. Investment in IPO:Karvy Online help you to participate in IPO and provide all kind of information related to IPOs like Ongoing IPO, Upcoming IPOs, Closed IPOs, Top Performing IPOs. It shows the latest and upcoming IPOs with face value, issue price, subscription details, opening/closing dates, etc. IPO history up to last 6 months can be accessed here.

  7. Investment in NCDs, FDs, NPS.
  8. NRI Account: NRI investment in India is gaining momentum due to a plethora of factors aiding the growth of Indian economy. NRIs can invest in Mutual Funds, Equity, Equity SIP, NPS, NCD, Bonds, Structured Debenture Products and many more. Karvy offers all the investment options in India for NRIs.
    • Brokerage Fees : here's a breakdown of the costs of trading with the basic NRI Account:
      • E-invest Account Opening Charges - Rs. 2500 (one time charge)
      • Brokerage: 0.75% of the turn over
  9. Research Reports:Karvy Online provides extensive research reports to all his account holders. Expert researchers provide over 20 daily research reports along with several other weekly, monthly, thematic, strategy, technical, fundamental, special and seasonal reports.

  10. KARVY FINANCIAL ACADEMY:Karvy provides various modules to enhance knowledge about financial market of their members via knowledge HUB.

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  • Call N Trade: allows you to call on a local number in your city & trade on the telephone.

  • **Market Order: You could trade by placing market orders during market hours that allows you to trade at the best obtainable price in the market at the time of execution of the order.

  • ***Limit Order: Allows you to place a buy/sell order at a price defined by you. The execution can happen at a price more favourable than the price, which is defined by you, limit orders can be placed by you during holidays & non market hours too

  • ****3-in-1 online trading platform links your banking, trading and demat accounts, ensuring unmatched convenience for customers.