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Products and Services offered by Mangal Keshav are:

  1. Broking: In broking, the broker provides 3 services in the equity, commodities and currencies domain. Mangal Keshav provides dedicative relationship managers for all the investors for their convenience that if they want to do some changes or customize their services, they can easily opt for that. The broker ensures that the client gets up-to-date information with real-time tracking.
  2. Institutional Trading: The broker provides full broking service to the clients which is a result of continuous research with sophisticated risk management rules. Basket trading, algo integration, order slicing, consolidated updates, VWAP calculators are also provided.
  3. Portfolio Management: Professional relationship manager provides a proper guidance to the customers for their diversification in investments to safeguard them from any kind of misfortune in the future. Diversification between financial objectives, budget for other expenses and amount which has to be invested in securities.
  4. Insurance: The broker provides instant policy issuance, there is no hassle in claim settlement, the client has to pay a premium at a market competitive rate and the broker provides the detailed knowledge about the product to the investor.
  5. Mutual Funds: Rigorous analysis and continuous monitoring before providing a plan to the investor. The mutual fund's industry in India is ripening fruits and returns at a rapid rate which is very beneficial for the customers to get higher returns.
  6. NRI Services: The facilities provided to the NRI customers are :
    1. The broker provides integrated trading and depository accounts.
    2. Mangal Keshav also gives a call to trade facilities so that all the investors can invest whenever they want.
    3. Daily market updates are provided to all the customers.
    4. All the investors with MK get a detailed fundamental report.
  7. IPO Services: The firm provides all the IPO’s listed with NSE and BSE to the clients and also provides guidance to invest in high yielding IPO’s.
Mangal Keshav Product & Services

Product & Services

Name Details
Delivery Based Trading * -
Margin Trading * -
Call in Trade * -
Trading in Both the exchanges * -
Limit Order * -
3-in-1 On-line Trading Account * -
NRI Services * -
SMS Alerts * -
Offers Multiple Plan * -
IPO Investment * -
Portfolio Analysis * -
Advanced Charting Features * -
Brokerage Calculator * -
Margin Calculator * -
Stop Loss Order * -
Bracket Orders & Trailing Stop Loss * -
Equity Future & Option Trading * -
Currency Future & Option Trading * -
Market Trading * -
Monthly & Yearly Plan * -
Aumtomated Trading * -
Mangal Keshav Customer Services

Customer Services

Name Details
Toll Free Number * -
Live Chat Facility * -
Email Facility * -
Branch Offices * -
Customer Care * -
Community Service * -
Relationship Manager * -
24/7 Support * -
Mangal Keshav Other Investement

Other Investement

Name Details
Commodity Trading * -
Investment in ETFs * -
Investment in Mutual Funds * -
Investment in Bonds * -
Investment in Corporate Debt instruments * -
Insurance Services * -
Banking Services * -

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