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  • Ventura 2-in-1 Account: Ventura provides 2-in-1 Demat account. They are a full-service broker and have an easy process to open the account. Almost on the pages of their website, account opening link is present.

  • Ventures Derivatives: They show you all the important segments under the derivatives section of their website like market movers, quotes & FII investments.

  • Ventura Equity Trading: Ventura provides excellent service in equity trading. Their customers can avail many benefits by opening a demat account with them.

  • Ventura Currency Trading: Currency trading is also known as for as FOREX trade or currency derivatives. They are authorized to the broker for NSEC, BSEC, & MCXC. They help their customer in taking the right decision in currency trading and maximum use of their hard earned money.

  • Ventura Mutual Fund Investment: You can invest in mutual funds using Ventura trading account. Their website shows various information to choose the right Mutual Funds for yourself and your hard earned money.

  • Ventura Demat Services:Ventura offers Demat services to avail fast and paper less transaction which can be used only after opening a trading account.

  • Ventura Research Services & advisory group: They provide meaningful research and recommendation which helps in taking the correct decision by investors.

  • Ventura NRI Services: Ventura offers NRI services all over the world and has its presence over many countries. They are renowned mainly in Dubai and Bangkok for trading in Indian Share market.

  • Ventura Commodity Trade: They are registered with MCX, NCDX, NMCE and are authorized to provide the service of commodity trading to their customers. NRIs and Indian customers can gain profit by investing & hedging various commodity.

  • Tools & calculator: Tools and calculators are must provide service to every trader by the broker. SIP calculator, return calculator, company tracker, MF screener are the few of them provided

  • Ventura depository Service: Ventura is registered as a depository participant with NSDL & CDSL. They provide hassle-free track on your entire financial product and keep them safe.

  • Invest in IPO: These are among the few stock broking firms which provide online IPO facilities to its clients

  • Ventura securities portfolio Tracker: One of the online services which Ventura provide is portfolio tracker which is available by one click on their website.

  • Ventura Fixed Income: You can purchase government bonds and securities and can get a permanent source of income as these bond and securities are less risky and give you the permanent source of income.

  • Ventura National Pension System: It is great for after retirement financially stable life. You can get this plan for the paperless online transaction with less than a minute provided you have all the required documents handy.

Ventura Product & Services

Product & Services

Name Details
Delivery Based Trading * -
Margin Trading * -
Call in Trade * -
Trading in Both the exchanges * -
Limit Order * -
3-in-1 On-line Trading Account * -
NRI Services * -
SMS Alerts * -
Offers Multiple Plan * -
IPO Investment * -
Portfolio Analysis * -
Advanced Charting Features * -
Brokerage Calculator * -
Margin Calculator * -
Stop Loss Order * -
Bracket Orders & Trailing Stop Loss * -
Equity Future & Option Trading * -
Currency Future & Option Trading * -
Market Trading * -
Monthly & Yearly Plan * -
Aumtomated Trading * -
Ventura Customer Services

Customer Services

Name Details
Toll Free Number * -
Live Chat Facility * -
Email Facility * -
Branch Offices * -
Customer Care * -
Community Service * -
Relationship Manager * -
24/7 Support * -
Ventura Other Investement

Other Investement

Name Details
Commodity Trading * -
Investment in ETFs * -
Investment in Mutual Funds * -
Investment in Bonds * -
Investment in Corporate Debt instruments * -
Insurance Services * -
Banking Services * -
  • Call N Trade: : allows you to call on a local number in your city & trade on the telephone

  • **Market Order: You could trade by placing market orders during market hours that allows you to trade at the best obtainable price in the market at the time of execution of the order.

  • ***Limit Order: Allows you to place a buy/sell order at a price defined by you. The execution can happen at a price more favorable than the price, which is defined by you, limit orders can be placed by you during holidays & nonmarket hours too

  • ****3-in-1 online trading platform links your banking, trading and demat accounts, ensuring unmatched convenience for customers.

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