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ICICI Direct Rating (In-house & User rating):

We thoroughly evaluate each broker and provide comparesharebrokers.com visitors with accurate and easy to understand star ratings. You can also compare Broker star ratings side by side using the brokerage comparison tool.

Here below we have assessed the ICICI Direct on 58 different variables across 7 core areas : Brokerage & Other charges , Years of experience , No Users , customer services , Investment offerings , Platforms & tools , research services and mobile trading experience.


Overall - (ICICI Direct)
Brokerage & Other Charges - (ICICI Direct)
Experience (Yrs / No. Of User) - (ICICI Direct)
Customer Services - (ICICI Direct)
Investment Offering - (ICICI Direct)
Plateform & Tools - (ICICI Direct)
Research - (ICICI Direct)
Mobile Trading - (ICICI Direct)