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Sharekhans's Trading Platform & Tools

Sharekhan offers trading platform across devices including install-able desktop software (Trade Tiger), HTML based trading platform and mobile App.

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Sharekhan's TradeTiger :

This terminal based downloadable platform that can be installed on your system and can be used across the exchanges. Using Sharekhan Trade Tiger, you can invest your valuable money across the financial products and diversify your portfolio. Apart from trading, you can look into the minutes of the market with expertís advice their research report, chartings, advanced tools. This platform provides you with uninterrupted trading experience and real-time monitoring. Some of its unique features are enumerated below:

Sharekhan's Trade Tiger's Features
  • Fast & reliable feeds: This platform is fast & reliable and is preferred for regular traders to escape from regular logins and logouts.
  • Advance tools & charting: It provides various charting for technical and fundamental analysis. It gives you access to different data points on the intraday and historical level.
  • Advance orders:You can place advance orders also using these tools. For example Bracket order, Big Trade, Trailing stop loss etc.
  • customisation possible: You can customise this platform as your need and have 5 languages, 4 themes, customizable layouts, shortcuts and much more.
Trade Tiger Access Charges (Applicable for online trading only) :-Additional Fee of Rs. 3000 + statutory charges

Browser based : ShareKhan Website:

The browser-based platform is good for the not so frequent trader and for the ones who cannot sit in from of desktop/laptop all time for trading. This website provides you mobility and you can trade, and update yourselves with market movement anytime and anywhere, all you need to have is internet and gadget. The feature of the Sharekhan website is listed below:


  • Transparent website.
  • Easy user-interface.
  • Real-time market movement available.
  • Advance charting and expert research report available.

Share khan Mobile App:

With the boost in the Smartphones and internet availability trading through app have increase to another height. All traders prefer the mobile app more than any other trading platform. Therefore, Sharekhan has provided one of the best trading apps with all new features.

All New Features

  • Navigate easily with new menu options.
  • The new dashboard is introduced with helps you to remain updated with all the real-time market news.
  • Repeated login is not required as a account remains logging even after closing the app.
  • Enhance your trading skills and the decision by continuously keeping an eye on advanced charting and research report.
  • The future & option search bar is provided which helps you.
  • Introduction of Currency segment.
  • Track your investments with newly introduced Portfolio.
  • Latest news on Current & Upcoming IPOs under the IPO section is readily avaible AMO facility is also available.