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Trading Platform & Tools offered by Tradejini


Tradejini Mobile App -NOW Mobile, Browser based Trading -NSE NOW and Desktop -NEST Trader Review 2020  


Tradejini offers trading platform across devices including install-able desktop software(NEST), HTML based trading platform (NSE NOW) and mobile App (NOW Mobile).

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Tradejini Research and Advice / Trading Tips

Research and Advice / Trading Tips

Name Details
Equity Trading Recommendation * No
Equity Investment Recommendation * No
Recommendation basis risk Profile * No
Comparison * No
Free Tips * No
Daily Market report * No
ETF research * No
Quarterly Results * No
Tradejini Trading PlatForm

Trading PlatForm

Name Details
Web Platform * No
Android Mobile App * Yes
Desktop Windows * Yes
Desktop Mac * No
I-Pad App * No
Virtual Trading * No
iPhone Mobile App * Yes


Trading Platform offered by Tradejini :

  Tradejini provides two platforms for online trade. They are extremely convenient to handle and safe for any kind of monetary transaction.These two platforms are:



NEST (Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading Platform)

Developed by Omnesys Technologies, NEST has been positioned successfully as an intuitive front-end solution that has the support of a robust backend server that can fetch market data, execute orders and facilitate trading for its users. Nest support multiple exchanges and segments for trading. This platform gives real time access to the stock market and keeps you up to date. In addition to being extremely fast, the NEST trader is also equipped with state of the art security authentication processes including two levels of password protection, one for access to the software and another layer of password for placing trade orders. Both passwords are encrypted and are completely secure. The main features of the platform are:

  • The customer can track scrips in real time by creating market watch groups.
  • The customer can watch the market picture data for any scrip, any time.
  • View the placed orders, trades, open positions and other financial details on the click of a button.
  • Set up an effective Risk Management System using the multiple resources available.
  • Use the multiple available value addition tools to receive alerts, messages etc.
NSE NOW – Tradejini Browser-based Trading Platform

NOW is the acronym for NEST on Web. NEAT itself is the "National Exchange for Automated Trading" which is NSE's pioneering,fully automated screen based trading system. Tradejini allows you to trade on NEAT with full security and easy to use interface platform. The benefits of trading on NSE NOW are :

  • It allows for direct access to NSE servers which decreases the trade turnaround time drastically thus boosting the trade execution speed and convenience.
  • The investor can view the real time exchange status that shows the market status of the various segments such as Equity, F&O, Derivatives etc.
  • The investor can view real time Quote data under both trade as well as market data, including options such as the data for Bid Size,Ask Size,Day's open,High,Low etc.
  • There is extensive data available for conducting research on a particular Equity or Derivative product/scrip/currency.
  • The investor can monitor real time charts that graphically show the movement of a particular scrip/index at different points in time.
  • Place/Execute and Cancel Trade orders.
  • The investors can check the available balances in cash/collateral etc.

NEST TRADER: Tradejini Terminal-based Platform

Nest Trader is Nest Trading Terminal based downloadable platform which can be downloaded on any desktop or laptop. Such software is useful for active trader who work full time in stock market. You almost all feature in nest trader what you get on other platform. NEST TRADER save you from the constant hassle of login and log out.


Web Based TRADER

If you are mobile trader and don't prefer to continuously sit for an hour to trade and measure stock market movement then in that web Based trader is apt platform for you. You will get the credentials form the broker while opening the form and henceforth you can use it or can change the password for trading by login the website of Tradejini.


NOW MOBILE: Tradejini Mobile Trading APP

NOW Mobile app is also available for IOS as well android users. App is easy to use and safe for trading with great user interface and minimum downtime. You will get real time movement of the market for ananlysing stock and taking profitable decision.

Tradejini Trading Platforms
Tradejini Trading Platforms
Tradejini Trading Platforms
Special Offer: Flat brokerage of ₹20 per executed order. Get the offer

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