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Best 3-in-1 NRI Trading Account

Best 3-in-1 NRI Trading Account

3-in-1 NRI account is more than a brokerage account. It offers you a unique 3-in-1 feature, which integrates your NRI Brokerage Account, NRI Bank Accounts (NRE or NRO), and one or more NRI Demat accounts. This means that you can buy and sell shares without any hassles of settlements. Transfers of shares from/to your Demat account and transfer of money from/to your Bank account take place automatically with no paperwork. Some Brokers offers these accounts as 4-in-1 accounts as it includes 2 bank accounts; NRE and NRO for repatriable and non-repatriable investments.

3-in-1 NRI account is normally offered by banks who are in the stockbroking field as well like ICICI, HDFC, Axis, SBI, etc.

Other Brokers (full-service and discount stock) normally offer NRI 2-in-1 account (trading + demat account). Some of them also have tie-ups with certain banks wherein they help you open bank accounts and link them to their trading and demat accounts.

3-in-1 NRI account Advantage & Disadvantage

  •  Funds credited directly into the bank account linked with NRI Trading Account, No need to transfer from Brokers account to yours
  •  Sense of Security as the money gets credited in your Bank account directly and trust of Banks is added advantage.
  •  Detailed audit trail and complete record with a timestamp of all orders
  •  As the money credited in your account or kept in your Bank account only, you would get an additional benefit of earning Interest on the lying money in your account.
  •  Easy online investment across a wide range of products i.e. Stock Market, Bank FD, Corporate FD, Bonds, Insurance, SIP, Mutual Funds, etc
  •  Faster execution of Trade vs 2-in-1 Account, where you need to transfer money from bank to trading account which may take time.
  •  The NRI 3-in-1 account charges (brokerage, AMC) are higher in comparison to brokers offering 2-in-1

Best 3-in-1 Demat Account for NRI

Broker Active Clients Brokerage A/c Op.Fees
ICICI Direct 1580233 0.5% to 1.25% depending on Trading Volume (1.25% for up to 5L Per month Turnover) The non-UK client is ₹4000/- and for UK client's is ₹6500/-
HDFC Securities 957085 0.75% or min ₹25 or ceiling of 2.5% on transaction value (Both Buy & Sell) ₹999
Kotak Securities 743206 1% of the turnover OR 25 Paise per share, whichever is higher ₹3750
Axis Direct 454882 0.75% ₹2500
SBICAP Securities 329099 0.75% ₹2000
IDBI Capital 50510 0.50% ₹1500

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