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Tradeplus has all the things to become very successful in broking industry from very attractive brokerage plans, Margin funding and choice of trading platforms but somehow they are lagging with competition due to a lot of other charges perceived as hidden and average customer service.

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Why TradePlus?

    •  Lowest Flat and Flexi Brokerage Plans.
    •  Tradeplusonline has lowest refundable unlimited trading plans @ Rs 99 per month by category - Equity Option,Currency & Commodity.
    •  Direct Mutual Fund Investments possible.
    •  Possible to invest in IPO/Bond/GSEC Investments.
    •  Avail high Intra margins upto 80x and upto 50% Delivery funding.
    •  Referral Program.
    •  NRI Trading services available.
    •  Lowest Transaction charges in MCX Commodity segment - 400 Rs per crore.
    •  Facility to trade on whats-up chat app.


    •  Lowest Flat and Flexi Brokerage Plans .
    •  Flat rate for stock trading
    •  Demat account services at a very low AMC charge of Rs. 90 per year.
    •  Margin funding
    •  Referral Program
    •  Good Brokerage & Margin Calculator

Needs Improvement

    •  Call n Trade charges are very high.
    •  INFINI ‐ Trading platform is not free.
    •  SMS charges with monthly plans
    •  Lot of hidden charges
Overview :
TradePlus Review  
Year of Incorporation
Products Infini Web, Infini Power, TradePlus Mobile
Demat Services No
Active Exchange Memberships -
Website https://www.tradeplusonline.com/
Contact Details -
Total Number of Clients 10000+
Total Number of Branches

Tradeplus is the online Discount brokerage firm of Navia Markets Ltd. They started into Financial Service Industry in 1983 but became Equity Broker in 1995 with NSE, Depository Participant with NSDL in 1997 and with CDSL in 2018, Equity Stock Brokers in BSE in 2010 and Commodity brokers on MCX in 2009. The company re-launched its services under an integrated online brand called Trade Plus in 2014. They are offering trading & investment at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

TradePlus provide an online trading facility in equity delivery, Equity Intraday, F&0 Trading, Trading in currency and commodities segments on NSE, BSE, and MCX, it also provides investment option in Direct Mutual Fund, IPOs, bond, and corporate deposits. Tradeplus Online has its own DP services having a membership with NSDL and CDSL.

Tradeplus is famous for its unlimited zero brokerage trading plans which offer infinite trading at a fixed monthly fee in a few segments. The infinite trading plans are available in Commodities, Equity & Options, and Currency Derivatives segments. Tradeplus also provides demat account services at a very low AMC charge of Rs. 90 per year. Tradeplus also offer Online Mutual Fund, IPO, Bonds, and G-sec.

Tradeplus offer a lot of choice in the trading platform to its customer. The trading platform includes an installable trading terminal (Exe), trading website and powerful mobile trading app. Tradeplus also offer NSE NOW platform to its customer in addition to its trading platform Infini Power and Infini web and Tardeplus Mobile.

Affiliation Details of Tradeplus

  1. CIN : U65993TN1994PLC010167
  2. Tradeplus SEBI Registration No. INZ000095034
  3. Tradeplus NSE Member Code:
    • Capital Market (CM) - 07708
    • Future & Options (F&O) - 07708
    • Currency Derivatives (CDS) - 07708
  4. BSE Clearing No:
    • Capital Market (CM),FAO & CD: 6341
  5. CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-12086500
  6. NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-IN300378
  7. MCX Member ID: 45345

Customers Service options offered by Tradeplus

Tradeplus offers multiple communication channels to its clients for using the customer's service.

  1. Phone Number :
    • Customer Support / Call & Trade :
      • 044-49427576 ‐ ext 1
      • 044-49427576 ‐ext 2
  2. Account opening: 044-49427576-Ext 6
  3. Email Support : [email protected]
  4. Corporate Office :
    Ganga Griha' 4th & 5 th Floor,
    No.9 (old No. 6D),
    Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam , Chennai - 600 034.

Active Client Details Of Tradeplus

  • 10000+ clients.

Tradeplus Account Opening & AMC Charges 2020

Trading Account / Demat opening is onetime fee that Tradeplus charge while initiate your account opening process. Trading /Demat AMC(Annual maintenance Charges) is an annual fee charges by Tradeplus to maintain your account, this is annual charges and deduct from your account even if you haven't trade for a year.

Type Account Opening (One Time) Annual Maintenance Fees (Yearly)
Trading Account Rs 200 (One time) NIL
Demat Account NIL Rs.200 per annum (applicable from second year)
Rs.500/- (one time) for 5 years
Rs.900/- (one time) for 10 years

Tradeplus Account opening & AMC charges for NRI Account.

Type Account Opening (One Time) Annual Maintenance Fees (Yearly)
Trading Account Rs 2500 (One time) NIL
Demat Account NIL Rs.2500/- (one time) for 10 years

Tradeplus Call and Trade Charges

Call n trade will be charged at a flat rate of Rs.75 per day plus applicable taxes, irrespective of the number of orders placed.

  1. For orders placed through our support/dealing desk.
  2. Intraday (MIS/BO*/CO) positions squared off before market closing by our RMS team.

Tradeplus NRI Trading Account Review 2020

Tradeplus is among the few brokers in India to launch an Online Trading facility for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in the year 2000. Tradeplus offers unique features called 4-in-1 accounts which include NRI Saving Bank Account, NRI Demat account, NRI trading account, and PAN Account. Tradeplus allows NRIs to open the NRO account without a PIS account. For NRI SB Account, the company has tied-up with HDFC, Axis and Yes bank.

Lot of stock brokers are not offering as much services offered by Tradeplus, they offers many special benefits to NRIs. There are plenty of benefits extended to NRI clients at Tradeplus when they trade in NRO mode. They are

  • No PIS account required for NRO investments. It is made as easy as Resident Investments
  • Avail flat brokerage on unlimited trading with futures and Options plan at Just Rupees 1499 per month
  • Facility to execute BTST (Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow) and Intraday Trades
  • Facility to buy in NSE with stock collateral and hold it for a maximum of 1 year under MTF
  • Facility to get exposure of available cash and stocks under the following categories
    • 1) NRML ‐ Option to buy selective stocks up to 3 times and settle within Trade + 5 working days
    • 2) MIS ‐ Option to buy selective stocks up to 10 times for Intraday and
    • 3) MTF ‐ Option to buy stocks in NSE segment using stock collateral and hold them for a maximum of 1 year.

Tradeplus NRI Account Opening Charges:

Particulars Charges
Account opening fee ‐ per account* Rs. 2500 + 450 (GST at 18%)
Life Time AMC valid for 10 years on Demat account inclusive of GST (not applicable for F&O accounts) & per account) Rs. 2500 + 450 (GST at 18%)
Total 5900
*Note: NRE Equity Cash, NRO Equity Cash, and NRO F&O accounts are separate accounts

Tradeplus NRI Mutual Fund Account:

NRI investors at Tradeplus can invest in direct mutual funds through its online MF platform. The broker charges zero commission which results in 1.5% extra returns to NRIs. NRIs can also place conditional orders to purchase and redeem at the desired NAV.

Tradeplus NRI Account Brokerage and other charges:

Tradeplus brokerage charges varies by type of account and transaction type , Equity delivery charges for NRE account is 0.40% and NRO Account is 0.30%. the F&O charges are fixed @1499 per month

Particulars NRE ‐ Equity Cash NRO ‐ Equity Cash NRO ‐ F&O
Brokerage on volume * 0.40% 0.30% Flat 1499 per month
GST on Brokerage @ 18% 0.07% 0.05% 270
STT on volume 0.10% 0.10% Futures sell ‐ 0.01% on volume Options sell ‐ 0.05% of premium Option Exercised ‐ 0.125% on difference between the settlement price and strike price of option
Transaction Charges 0.00% 0.00% Futures ‐ 0.0019%, Options ‐ 0.05% on premium value
SEBI Turnover Charges 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Stamp Duty Basis Indian Address proof / Tamilnadu Basis Indian Address proof / Tamilnadu Basis Indian Address proof / Tamilnadu
Clearing member Charges NIL NIL Futures ‐ 0.0075% , Options ‐ 0.06% on premium value
Mutual fund investment 0 0 NA
* Brokerage mentioned is without RM support. If RM support is required, the brokerage will be 0.65% for NRE and NRO account

Tradeplus Demat charges for NRI Accounts:

Demat & Remat Charges
Demat Charges NRI Rs. 200/- per DRF (up to 5 Certificates)More than 5Certificates Rs. 30/- per certificate plus Rs. 200/- (Minimum Charges)
Remat Charges Rs. 15/- per certificate for every hundred shares or part thereof Remat Charges subject to the maximum fee of Rs. 5,00,000 or a flat fee of Rs. 15/- Per certificate whichever is higher plus handling charges Rs. 50/- No rematerialization fee for Govt. Securities.
Conversion Request (Mutual Fund) Charges
Conversion request charges for NRI Clients Rs. 200/- per CRF
Transaction Charges
Market Selling(Debits) other than Navia Markets Ltd. OFF Markets Debits & Inter Depository Debits 0.04% of Transaction Value, subject to Minimum of Rs. 30/- Per Transaction
Inter Settlement Transfer Rs. 15/- per Transaction for non POA
Failed Transaction Rs. 15/- per Transaction
Pledge & Securities Lending and Borrowing
Pledge Creation 0.02% of the value of the securities pledged, subject to minimum of Rs. 50/- per Transaction.
Pledge Closure & Invocation 0.02% of the value of the securities pledged, subject to minimum of Rs. 50/- per Transaction.
Securities Borrowing Rs. 50/- per Transaction.
Modification Charges Rs. 100/- for every change of address / Bank Details

The Final Thoughts about Tradeplus

Tradeplus has all the things to become very successful in broking industry from very attractive brokerage plans, Margin funding, all kind of trading platforms, NRI services, Options to trade not only in stocks but also in MF, IPOs, commodity, and currency but they are lagging mainly due to a lot of other charges perceived as hidden, slow trading platform and average customer service. NRI services is a Big plus point for TradePlus,where they offer lot of unique facilities to their NRI clients.

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