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Equity Intraday Brokerage

Equity Intraday Brokerage

There are multiple ways in which you trade in Equity, one of the most common Trade is the equity Intraday. Equity Intraday trades refer to a trade in which buying & selling of stock happens on the same day before the close of the stock exchange. If you fail to do so, your broker may square-off your position, or convert it into a delivery trade. Intraday trading is also called day trading, which intended to make profits in a very short interval of time and does not go beyond a trading day.

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The brokerage charges and the statutory charges like STT are much lower on intraday trades compared to delivery trades. This reduces the cost of intraday trading. When you buy equities for delivery, you are required to pay up 100% of the total cost upfront. On the contrary, if you designate your trade as an intraday trade, then the margin is just a portion of the full cost.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Equity Intraday Trade

Advantages of Intraday trading
  •  It does not block your capital
  •  You can make money in a short span of time hence it is a favorite of the trader community.
  •  Day traders can take benefit of both rising and falling market. Day traders can do short selling to make a profit from falling stocks.
  • Intraday trade is simple and does not require fundamental or technical information of traded stock, you can do this trade by simply reading charts.
  •  Possibility of Higher return and can be achieved both in Bull & bear market.
  • Lower Brokerage & Statutory Charges.
  • It does not have any form of overnight risk due to unforeseen global or local events.
Dis-advantages of Intraday Trading
  •  You would not be entitled to dividends or other benefits such as bonuses, rights.
  • An individual is required to track minute by minute the market.
  • Higher risk.
Special Offer: Brokerage free equity delivery trading + Flat ₹20 Intra-day and F&O trades. Get the offer

Compare Equity Intraday brokerage of Top stockbrokers

Share Broker Active Clients 2020 Equity Intraday Brokerage
ZERODHA 1414376 0.03% or Rs.20/Trade whichever is lower
ICICI Direct 1075956 0.275% (Prime Plan-0.025% to 0.015%)
HDFC SECURITIES 720150 0.10% or min Rs.25/- or ceiling of 2.5% on transaction value (Both Buy & Sell)
Upstox 619305 0.05% or Rs.20/Trade whichever is lower
ANGEL BROKING 576414 Flat Rs 20 per order
KOTAK SECURITIES 571806 0.49% or min 3Paise per share or Rs.21/- per executed order whichever is Higher
SHAREKHAN 549778 0.10%
5PAISA 434036 Rs.20 per executed order
MOTILAL OSWAL 377123 0.05% or Rs. 15 per order whichever is higher
AXIS Direct 270462 0.05% or min Rs.25/- per executed order whichever is Higher
SBICAP 249924 0.075%
KARVY 243256 0.03%
IIFL 218877 0.05% or min Rs0.05/- per Share whichever is Higher
GEOJIT FINANCIAL 163742 0.03% or Rs 20 per contract or 1 Paisa/share whichever is higher subject to a maximum of 2.5% per share
EDELWEISS 130215 Rs.10 per Trade
SMC GLOBAL 113513 0.03%
RELIGARE BROKING 111652 0.05% (varies with margin Amount)
NIRMAL BANG 95618 0.02%
MARWADI 86709 0.03%
SAMCO 51432 0.02% or Rs.20 per Trade (whichever is lower)

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