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Equity Delivery Brokerage

Equity Delivery Brokerage

There are multiple ways in which you trade-in Equity, one of the most common way is delivery based trading. In an equity delivery trade, you buy some share and take delivery and hold them in your demat account for some time. your can hold these share for as many days or months or year you want in your demat account. you have complete ownership of these shares and can wait for a good opportunity of making profits. To buy a share in the delivery trade you need to have complete funds in your account.

Brokerage Charges on equity delivery trades are normally much higher than other kinds of trades like intraday, future, option, etc but some brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, Fyers, ProStocks, and Indiabulls offer brokerage free trading. The customer doesn't pay any brokerage while trading in the equity delivery segment.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Equity Delivery Trade

Advantages of delivery trading
  •  There is no Time limit to sell the delivered stock
  •  You would get additional benefits of owning shares like dividends, Bonus Share, Right issue, etc.
  •  Lot of Brokers provides brokerage free delivery trade which makes it attractive.
  • Some banks and finance firms provide loans based on your shares. So, it will help you in getting the required liquidity when you are going through a difficult time.
  •  You can get good returns vs keeping money in FD or other saving instruments.
  • No Risk of Short Selling.
  • You would also get tax exemption or lower taxes if you hold these shares for longer time period.
Disdvantages of Delivery Trade
  •  You can not buy Shares without having complete funds for the said delivery transcation.
  • Higher Brokerage, the charges on delivery trade are much higher than the other kind of trades like intraday , future option etc.

Compare Equity Delivery Brokerage, Delivery Brokerage charges by various Brokers

Share Broker Active Clients 2020 Equity Delivery Brokerage
ZERODHA 1414376 Free
ICICI Direct 1075956 0.55% (Prime Plan-0.25% to 0.15%)
HDFC SECURITIES 720150 0.50%
Upstox 619305 Free
KOTAK SECURITIES 571806 0.49% or min 4Paise per share or Rs.21/- per executed order whichever is Higher
SHAREKHAN 549778 o.50%
5PAISA 434036 Rs.20 per executed order
MOTILAL OSWAL 377123 0.50% or Rs. 30 per order which ever is higher
AXIS Direct 270462 0.50% or min Rs.25/- per executed order whichever is Higher
SBICAP 249924 0.50%
KARVY 243256 0.30%
IIFL 218877 0.50% or min Rs0.05/- per Share whichever is Higher
EDELWEISS 130215 Rs.10 per Trade
SMC GLOBAL 113513 0.30%
RELIGARE BROKING 111652 0.50% (varies with margin Amount)
NIRMAL BANG 95618 0.20%
MARWADI 86709 0.30%
SAMCO 51432 0.02% or Rs.20 per Trade (whichever is lower)

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