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"Finvasia is a discounted stock broker that offers lifetime zero brokerage on all equity delivery and intraday trades on BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX. In addition to that, Finvasia offers a free Demat account, unlimited call & trade, and zero clearing fees for trading on NSE & BSE irrespective of the trade volume. "

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    •  The first discounted stockbroker in India offers lifetime brokerage free Demat + Trading account with Zero AMC, Free call & trade services, zero clearing services, and lowest transaction charges on equity delivery, intraday, and F&O.
    •  Finvasia offers a wide range of products under one roof — stock trading, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, IPOs, FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors), NRI trading, wealth management to High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), investment in real estate, and many more.
    •  Finvasia offers five excellent trading platforms to cater to different types of traders — ScalperT, NEST (Omnisys Powered Trading Terminal), NSE NOW, Blitz Trader (Algorithmic Trading Platform), and Symphony Presto.
    •  Finvasia offers quick paperless online account opening within 5 minutes.
    •  Finvasia trading platforms are available on Windows, MacBook, Android, and iOS platforms.
    •  Other features: advanced market search, live streaming prices, quick order execution, interactive charts, global indices, and many more.
    •  Finvasia offers a user-friendly trading platform with a global buy and sells window.
    •  Finvasia offers financial trading services to the NRIs, PIO (Person Indian Origin)/OCI (Overseas Citizens of India), Foreign Nationals, and QFI (Qualified foreign investor) that are interested to invest in the Indian market.
    •  Finvasia offers FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) from globally. FPI is offered by limited brokers in India and Finvasia is one of them even being a discounted broker.
    • Finvasia offers excellent wealth management resolutions to High Net Worth individuals based in India and NRIs.


    •  Finvasia offers lifetime free brokerage to its users which means they don’t charge any brokerage on trades, the customers is supposed to pay govt taxes , Stock exchange charges and monthly trading platform charges for using some advance tools & trading platforms.
    •  Finvasia offers free Demat + trading account opening and unlimited call & trade.
    •  Finvasia also offers free trade clearing.
    •  MCX Commodity trading offers GTC orders for all users
    •  Finvasia offers free trading software — ScalperT where the users can do trading on the web and through mobile apps.
    •  Finvasia offers APIs and Algo trading tools.
    •  Finvasia offers seamless KYC and Aadhar eSign facility to fasten the account opening process.
    •  Finvasia offers users advanced order types — cover order and bracket at the lowest fees.
    •  In addition to stock trading, Finvasia also offers Investment opportunity in Bonds, IPO and Mutual Funds.
    •  Finvasia offers excellent NRI trading.
    •  Finvasia Scalper trading platform allows its users to place various orders in one go and invest in multiple segments through a single platform.
    •  Online Chat support is available
    •  Online IPO Application facility is available for its customers
    •  Finvasia Scalper trading platform allows its users to place various orders in one go and invest in multiple segments through a single platform.

Needs Improvement

    •  There is no dedicated relationship manager in Finvasia; thus the traders need to look out for their portfolios themselves
    •  Does not provide 3in1 account facility.
    •  Finvasia charges for Advance order types like Bracket orders etc.
    •  Trading platforms like NEST and NOW are chargeable.
    •  GTC orders are not available at NSE and BSE. They are available at MCX.
    •  Finvasia is online broker and does not have any branches for local support.
    •  Scalpter (trading website) has only 1 min charting frame.
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Overview :

Year of Incorporation 2013
Products Mutual Fund, Broking , NPS , Global Stocks, ETF
Demat Services No
Active Exchange Memberships BSE, NSE, MCX
Website https://finvasia.com/
Contact Details +911726670000
Total Number of Clients 81,004
Total Number of Branches 1

Finvasia is a FinTech company based in Mohali (Punjab, India), founded in Canada, offering excellent financial services as a discounted stock broker that aims to develop an affordable and accessible financial ecosystem by providing investors lifetime free brokerage on unlimited trading.

Finvasia offers stock trading, asset management, currency hedging, advisory, and investment banking. In addition to this, Finvasia offers various other financial services such as IPO, mutual funds, NRI services, corporate services, and many more.

Finvasia was founded in 2009 but entered the brokerage market in 2013, offering to trade in MCX and NSE. After two years, Finvasia became a member of BSE. In 2018 Finvasia became a member of NCDEX allowing the traders to trade in NSE, MCX, BSE, and NCDEX. Finvasia is one of the fastest-growing financial companies in India that offers a wide range of services under one roof with zero fees and some services at discounted rates.

Though Finvasia offers a lifetime free brokerage on trading, only GST, SEBI fees, and stamp duty, it charges fees from the users for using their software — trading platform.

Even though Finvasia is a discounted broker the platform offers full-service brokers in addition to offering wealth management solutions to the high net value clients (more than INR 25 lakh investors), and the only discounted brokers that offer FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) in India.

Finvasia has three offices globally — Mississauga, Canada; Chandigarh, India; and London (UK). Along with India, Finvasia also offers its excellent financial services in 14 countries globally.

Finvasia Account Opening Charges 2024

Finvasia does not charge for online account opening for Trading Account & Demat Account. There are no AMC charges on the Trading and Demat account, which means account opening and account maintenance with Finvasia is completely free

Type Account Opening (One Time) Annual Maintenance Fees (Yearly)
Finvasia Trading Account ₹0 ₹0
Finvasia Demat Account ₹0 (Rs 199 for Power of Attorney) ₹0 (Rs 1000 for corporate clients)

Finvasia Equity Delivery & Intraday Charges 2024

Please find below Finvasia Brokerage charges for Delivery & Intraday Trades. Finvasia provides Delivery & Intraday trade both at Zero Brokerage charges

Charges Equity Delivery Equity Intraday
Brokerage ₹0 (Free) ₹0 (Free)
STT 0.1% ON BOTH Buy & Sell 0.025% On the Sell-side
Transaction / Turnover charges NSE: 0.00325%, BSE Rs. 1 each on buy trade & sell trade NSE: 0.00325%, BSE Rs. 1 each on buy trade & sell trade
SEBI Charges ₹ 5/Crore ₹ 5/Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty 0.015% 0.003%

Finvasia F&O Brokerage Charges 2024

Please find below the Finvasia Brokerage Charges list for Equity Futures & Equity Options. Finvasia provides Equity Future Trading and Options Trading Free of Brokerage charge.

Charges Equity Future Equity Option
Brokerage ₹0/Trade ₹0/Trade
STT 0.01% On the Sell-side 0.05% On the Sell-side (ON PREMIUM)
Transaction / Turnover charges NSE : 0.0021%, BSE ₹ 1 each on buy trade & sell trade NSC : 0.053%, BSE ₹ 1 each on buy trade & sell trade
SEBI Charges ₹ 5/Crore ₹ 5/Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty 0.002% 0.003%

Finvasia Currency Trading Brokerage Charges 2024

Please find below Finvasia Brokerage Charges for Currency Future & Currency Options. Finvasia does not charge any brokerage for Currency Future and Options Trading.

Charges Currency Future Currency Option
Brokerage ₹0/Trade ₹0/Trade
Transaction / Turnover charges NSE: 0.00135% NSE: 0.044%
SEBI Charges ₹ 5/Crore ₹5 /Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty 0.0001% 0.0001%

Finvasia Commodity Brokerage & Other Charges 2024

Please find below the Finvasia Charges list for Commodity Trading. Finvasia does not charge any brokerage for commodity trading.

Charges Commodity
Brokerage ₹0/Trade
STT/CTT 0.01% on Sell
Transaction / Turnover charges Non-Agri: 0.0031% | Agri: 0.00175%
SEBI Charges 20 Rs/Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty Futures 0.002%, Options 0.003%

Finvasia Other Charges | Finvasia Hidden Charges:

  1. The software uses charges (Per Month):
    • ScalperT - Free
    • NSE NOW: NSE: Rs 0 | BSE: Rs 149 per segment per month
    • NEST: Rs 49 per exchange per month, Rs 99 for bracket order
    • Presto: Rs 1599
    • Blitz Trader: Rs 2999
  2. Call & Trade -Free
  3. DP charges for delivery-based equity selling - Rs 9 per transaction.

Finvasia Mutual Fund Fee Structure 2024

Finvasia offers various mutual funds that cater to different investors' interests and goals — tax saving schemes, and short-term or long-term saving plans with zero brokerage. Finvasia offers investors to invest in Mutual Funds through SIP or lumpsum amounts.

At The Time of Buying

For SIPs Nil Nil
For Lumpsum Investment Nil Nil

At The Time of Selling / Switching

For SIPs Nil Nil
For Lumpsum Investment Nil Nil

Finvasia Trading Platforms & Tools | Finvasia Trading Software

  1. ScalperT (Web & Mobile Trading App)- Free of Cost

    Finvasia ScalperT is an integrated trading platform across all trading segments and exchanges — equity, currency, F&O, and commodities at BSE, NSE, and MCX. ScalperT is developed on Omnesys APIs, RMS (Risk Management System), and OMS (Order Management System).

    ScalperT allows users to do trading in different types of orders — Normal, SL, SL-Market, Bracket Order, MIS Order, Cover Order, and Stop Order. In addition, there are up to 40 various technical indicators in ScalperT

    ScalperT is a trading free platform for all users on Web and Android Mobile applications. However, ScalperT is not available for iOS users.

  2. NEST (Omnisys Powered Trading Terminal)

    Standard Plan INR 149/exchange per month and INR 99 for bracket order | Premium Plan (BSE, NSE, MCX) INR 777 per month and FREE bracket order

    NEST is considered one of the stable and fastest trading platforms on the desktop. It is specially designed for substantial volume traders with lightning-speed order execution. NEST also integrates RMS (Risk Management System) and OMS (Order Management System). NEST offers trading at NSE, BSE, Currency, MCX, and NCDEX Commodity

    NEST offers a complete analysis of stocks using advanced charts and streaming data. In addition, NEST has integrated various plug-ins and built-in strategies of Algo Trading for advanced traders.

    Finvasia users need to pay extra to use NEST trading. The standard plan cost is INR 149/exchange per month and INR 99 for bracket orders. All segments (BSE, NSE, MCX) are INR 777 per month and free bracket orders.

  3. NSE NOW — NSE: FREE | BSE: INR 149 per segment/month

    NSE NOW is a trading platform by NSE (National Stock Exchange) licensed to over 100 stock brokers in India, allowing traders to trade in equities, currency & derivatives. NOW trading platform is developed with a robust technology offering more than 80 technical indicators and 15 charts with lightning-speed order execution.

    In addition, NSE NOW also offers online mutual funds and IPOs investments to its users. NSE NOW offers trading on NSE for free; however, the users who wish to trade on BSE need to pay INR 149 per month per segment.

  4. Blitz Trader (Algorithmic Trading Platform) —INR 7777 + GST/ month

    Blitz Trading is an Algo trading platform designed by Symphony Technologies. Blitz platform allows the HNIs, hedge funds, professional traders, high-grade investors, and propriety traders to use a cutting-edge trading platform cost-effectively and automate their high-frequency trading strategies.

    Blitz Trader is available for Finvasia premium users for INR 7777 per month + GST.

  5. Symphony Presto — INR 1599

    Symphony Presto is an automated Algo trading platform to perform an exchange on BSE, NSE, and MCX designed by Symphony Fintech. Presto is designed for expert Hedge fund managers for small traders.

    Presto costs INR 1599 per month, and the license cost will be extra.

  6. Shoonya

    Finvasia’s comprehensive trading platform allows users to trade in stocks, commodities, derivatives F&O, SIP, ETF, and mutual funds seamlessly. Shoonya has 100+ technical indicators, watch lists, chart IQ, historical data, and many more.

  7. APIs

    Finvasia API allows the user to design their trading portal according to their requirement.

  8. Calculator

    enables the user to calculate brokerage, margin, government charges, and stamp duty.

  9. Prism

    Finvasia's custom customer portal allows them to open an account, view their portfolio, and many more.

Final Thoughts 

Finvasia is one of the best-discounted brokers in India, offering ultimate complete services such as stock trading services in equity, currency derivatives, commodity, and mutual funds across NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX with lifetime free brokerage. In addition, Finvasia offers an excellent five-trading platform that caters to different users with blazing speed.

Trading is one of the best methods to diversify your financial portfolio; however, it is best to consult a financial expert before starting trading and investment in any segment. It is beneficial to understand the complete financial pros and cons before beginning the trading journey.

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Sunil Arora 1 year ago
Hey, I think your review is quite outdated. As of now, finvasia do not charge any cost for bracket order. plus, i think nest and now are no longer available with them - just shoonya trading platform. Hope you'll update it soon, thanks!