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Prostocks is an online discount broker. They are well known for their unlimited monthly trading plan for Rs 899, a lifetime-free AMC demat account, and the lowest cost trading API. They also offer flat Rs 15 per trade brokerage plan for casual investors. ProStocks is the most popular stockbroker for the NRI trading account.
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Why ProStocks?

    • Various option on Brokerage Plans to select from depending on your trading requirements. You can Choose from
      • Flat Rs 15 per order
      • Monthly unlimited trading plans.
      • Yearly unlimited trading plans.
    • One of the most affordable calls & trading charges.
    • Give you the opportunity to earn through the referral program.
    • You need not to pay in case you are not trading in any month.
    • Even though Protock is the discount broker, you get option choosing from the various trading plan.
    • It provides you with DP service as well.


    • Rs 15 flat-fee trades.
    • Monthly & Yearly Unlimited Trading Plan to offer.
    • Own DP services.
    • Lowest call & Trade charges Rs.10 per trade. Delivery: Rs 25 per trade.
    • Instant paperless online account opening with AADHAR.
    • Zero Professional Clearing Members (PCM) Fee - Unlike all other flat fee brokers ProStocks do not charge PCM Fee.
    • Free trading software (mobile, desktop and website) for all customers.
    • Online IPO Application - You can apply for new IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) directly with a ProStocks account.
    • Zero Demat account AMC when you pay one time refundable deposit of Rs 1000
    • Referral Service - ProStocks offer 10% brokerage referral for customer referred by the client.

Needs Improvement

    • ProStocks doesn't offer 3-in-1 account as they do not offer banking services.
    • Opportunity to invest in Mutual Funds.
    • commodity trading facility is not available.
    • You will not get any research tips as there is no in-house team
    • Only BSE SME IPOs are allow. NSE SME IPOs are not available.
Special Offer: Pay Rs 899 per month for unlimited trading or flat Rs 15 per Trade + Brokerage-Free Equity Delivery + Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.
Prostocks Overview :
ProStocks Review  
Year of Incorporation 2016
Products ProStocks Mobile,Web & Desktop. BSE Best
Demat Services No
Active Exchange Memberships BSE, NSE
Website www.prostocks.com
Contact Details +91 22 62 43 43 43
Total Number of Clients 6,202
Total Number of Branches 1

Prostocks is an online discount brokerage firm in Indian financial markets that offers brokerage services for Stocks, Futures and Options, and Currency and is a member of NSE, BSE, and CDSL that offers Trading, Demat, and Mutual Fund services.

Incorporated in 2016, Prostocks is Mumbai, India-based discount broking firm. They offer broking services in the segments including BSE Equity, NSE Equity, NSE Futures & Options, and NSE Currency Derivatives.

The major benefit of ProStocks lies in its lowest charges in the Industry. Unlike other full-service and discount brokers, Prostocks manages to offer trade at the lowest transaction charges by not charging PCM.

The lowest stamp duty paid by customers also makes ProStocks attractive to frequent traders.

ProStocks provide seamless transactions between trading & demat account and offer a convenient way of stock trading through it 2-in-1 account (Trading + Demat account) to investors at an affordable price.

Prostocks broker is an upcoming brokerage. Therefore, they have adopted the technique of referral program where you can refer friends, fellow traders, family, and colleagues to earn 10% of brokerage charged from them.
They are highly digitalized and hassle-free. Most of their processes are online including the account opening process. You don't need to send them any document or the signed form. All the process can be completed online.
They provide highly comparative brokerage at the rate of Rs. 15 per executed order for trading across equity, derivatives, or currency segment.

Opening an Account with ProStocks

For investment in the stock market, an investor has to open an account. If they want to trade with Prostock they should open an account with Prostock itself, and we have mentioned the way you can open the account with Prostock:

  • Prostock provides the facility of eKYC, and their clients do not have to meet the hassle of visiting the branch to complete the process of KYC. Their entire online process is online, and the customer has to submit a copy of the following documents to open the account with Prostock:
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Address Proof
    • Latest Photo
  • You can visit their website by clicking on the link http://www.ProStocks.com/ and can open an account online./
  • You can contact them in case you are finding difficulty browsing through their website. Their contact number is +91 22 38 110 110
  • Also, you can mail them to [email protected] for any support.

ProStocks Account Offering

At ProStocks you can open an Equity & Derivatives Trading account, Demat account.

Equity & Derivatives Trading Account: ProStocks offer only online Trading Accounts and you will have an option to trade either through a software-based platform, a web-based platform, or a mobile application. With a ProStocks Equity & Derivatives Trading Account, you can trade Stocks, Futures & Options of Stocks, Indices, and Currencies. There are no One-time or Annual Maintenance charges for a Trading account.

Equity Demat Account: Dematerialized Account is popularly known as Demat Account, is the account where you keep stocks in electronic format. Presently in India, we follow a T+2 rolling settlement cycle for Delivery based trading. What it means is that if you buy 100 shares of Reliance on Monday (T day as we call it) for delivery, the shares will come to your Demat Account only on T+2 day (Wednesday evening).

There is no account Opening & Annual maintenance charge (AMC) for a Demat account at ProStock (which includes NSE/BSE Equity, F&O, Currency Derivatives and CDSL Demat account).

Important things to remember while opening an account:

  • Open only "Trading Account" if: You intend to trade only Futures & Options and/or Currencies, be it Intraday or Positional. A demat account is not required.
  • Open "Trading and Demat" if: You intend to take delivery of Stocks (buy and hold stocks overnight) along with trading in Futures & Options and/or Currencies.

ProStocks Account Opening & AMC Charges

  • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs 300 Promo Discount Rs 0 now
  • Demat account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs 0
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): Rs 0
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs 0 (Rs 1000 refundable deposit)

Prostocks Equity Delivery and Intraday Charges

Please find below Prostocks Brokerage charges for Delivery Trade & Intraday Trades. Prostocks provides Delivery trade at Zero Brokerage charges and brokerage charges for Intraday are Rs 15/Trade.

Prostocks Charges Equity Delivery Equity Intraday
Brokerage Rs 0/Trade Rs 15/Trade
Brokerage (Unlimited Plan) Rs 0 Rs 0
STT 0.1% on both Buy & Sell 0.025% On the Sell-side
Transaction / Turnover charges NSE: Rs 325/Cr | BSE: Rs 275/Cr NSE: Rs 325/Cr | BSE: Rs 275/Cr
SEBI Charges 10 Rs/Crore 10 Rs/Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty 0.015% (Rs 1500 per crore) 0.03% (Rs 300 per crore)

ProStocks F&O Brokerage Charges

Brokerage charges for Equity F&O Trade in Prostocks flat fee plan is Rs 15 per trade. Equity F&O trading is brokerage free if you subscribe for ProStocks unlimited F&O trading plan (Rs 899 per month),

ProStocks Charges Equity Future Equity Options
Brokerage Rs 15/Trade Rs 15/Trade
Brokerage (Unlimited Plan) Rs 0 Rs 0
STT 0.01% On the Sell-side 0.05% On the Sell-side (ON PREMIUM)
Transaction / Turnover charges NSE: 0.00190%| BSE: 0.0005% NSE: 0.05%| BSE: 0.025%
SEBI Charges Rs 10/Crore Rs 10/Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty 0.002% 0.003%

ProStocks Currency F&O Brokerage

Brokerage charges for Currency F&O Trade in Prostocks flat fee plan is Rs 15 per trade. Currency F&O trading is brokerage free if you subscribe for ProStocks unlimited F&O trading plan (Rs 499 per month), 

ProStocks Charges Currency Future Currency Options
Brokerage Rs. 15 per executed order Rs. 15 per executed order
Transaction / Turnover charges NSE: 0.0011%| BSE: 0.0001% NSE: 0.04%| BSE: 0.0001%
SEBI Charges 15 Rs/Crore 15 Rs/Crore
GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Stamp Duty 0.0001% 0.0001%

ProStocks Charges Explained:

  • Securities / Commodities Transaction Tax: Tax levied by the government when transacting on the stock exchanges. Charged on both buy and sell sides while trading equity delivery. Charged only on the side of sale when trading intraday or on F&O.

  • Transaction/Turnover Charges: Exchange transaction charges + Clearing charges which are charged by NSE, BSE, MCX, and clearing members.

  • Call & Trade: Intraday and F&O - Rs 10 per trade. Delivery - Rs 25 per trade.

  • Stamp Charges: A government tax in India on trading in stocks, currency derivatives and commodities. For Equity Delivery its 0.015% (Rs 1500 per crore) and for Equity Intraday it is 0.003% (Rs 300 per crore).

  • GST: Tax levied by the government on the services rendered at 18% of ( brokerage + transaction charges.

  • SEBI Charges: Charged at ₹10 per crore by the Securities and Exchange Board of India for regulating the markets.

  • DP (Depository participant) charges: DP charges for delivery based equity (sell transaction only) - Rs 20 flat for every debit transaction.

  • Payment Gateway Charges: Instant payment gateway charges for over 22 banks - Rs 9 per fund transfer.

Prostocks Margin Exposure

Prostocks margin for intraday trading is up to 20% of trade value (max 5x leverage) based on the stock. Prostocks F&O intraday trading margin is 1.3x across Equity, Currency, and Commodity trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX. There is no additional margin offered for Prostocks F&O carry forward positions and equity delivery trades.

Segment Margin Leverage
Equity Delivery 100% of trade value 1x
Equity Intraday Up to 20% of trade value 5x
F&O (Equity, Currency and Commodities) 100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure) 1x

ProStocks Affiliation Details

  1. AMFI Registration No (ARN):
  2. SEBI Broker Regn. No: INZ000048660
  3. ProStocks NSE Member ID: 90084
  4. ProStocks BSE Member ID: 6635
  5. CDSL: IN-DP-280-2016
  6. AMFI Registration No (ARN): 119535

Active Client Details of ProStocks

  • 6,5+ Thousand Clients.

Customers Service options offered by ProStocks

  1. Phone Number:
    • Customer Support / Call & Trade : 022- 38110110,022-40157050,22-40157051
    • Account Opening: 022-38110110
  2. Email Support:
  3. Corporate Office:
    • ProStocks,
      Sunlight Broking LLP,
      B-50, Pravasi Industrial Estate,
      Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063

The Final Thoughts about ProStocks

ProStock is one of the cheapest discount brokers in the industry providing the 2-in-1 trading account with extremely low call & trade and lowest stamp duty. If you are an early trader and looking towards a cheaper broker, then Prostock is a must think upon. However, if you pro in trading and looking towards expanding your portfolio and require more services then you can explore better options of a stockbroker in the market.
ProStocks Special Offer:

Unlimited Monthly Trading @ Rs 899

  • Monthly unlimited trading plan @ Rs 899.
  • Or Rs 0 Eq Delivery Brokerage and Flat Rs 15 per trade for Intraday & F&O +
  • Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account +
  • API for algo trading.

This is a limited-time offer. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.

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