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Edelweiss Lite Brokerage Plan 2020

Edelweiss Lite Brokerage Plan 2020

Edelweiss Broking Limited is the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Edelweiss group which is one of the ones the leading diversified financial group in India established in 1995 Catering to corporate, institutions & individuals.

Edelweiss Lite (Brokerage Plan): Edelweiss Discount Brokerage Plan

To compete with increased competition from discount brokers Edelweiss has also launched a new Brokerage Plan Edelweiss Lite which provides an opportunity to invest in the stock market at flat Rs.10/ order for all segments.

Edelweiss Lite Broking charges:

EQ Delivery Rs.10/ order
EQ Intraday Rs.10/ order
EQ Futures Rs.10/ order
EQ Options Rs.10/ order
CUR Futures Rs.10/ order
CUR Options Rs.10/ order

Edelweiss Lite Other charges:

Margin/ Funding (Leverage) Cash + Stock Margin (50% Cash / 50% Stock) For FNO, we will charge at 0.08%/day in case 50% cash is not maintained
Delayed Payment Interest (Normal) 0.08%/ day
Delayed Payment Interest (MTF) 0.08%/ day

Edelweiss Lite Value Added Services (Manual Support)

Call and Trade (Advisory, Trading) Rs.20/ Call
RM/ Advisor Not Available

Edelweiss Lite Tools & Features

Auto Collateral Free
Standard Tools (Watchlist, Screeners, Alerts etc.) Free
Advanced Charting Free
Market Info Free
Research Rs.50/ month
News (Live, Details) Free
Content Free
Notifications (Whatsapp) Rs.50/ month
Portfolio Organizer Free
Portfolio Optimizer Rs.100/ Request
Guided Portfolios Free
Investology Rs.100/ course

Edelweiss Lite Ancillary Charges

DP AMC 1st Year Free/ post Rs. 300 per annum
DP Fees (Trf Out/ Sell)/ Inter-settlement Fees Rs.15 flat per ISIN
Payin Rs.10/ transfer
Payout Free
Physical CML Request 1st Free/ Additional Rs. 120
Physical Contract Notes Rs.50/ note
Cheque payment Rs.500/ cheque
Pledge Charges Rs.60/ pledge
Physical Statement Charges (Ledger, PNL, Tax etc.) Rs.50/ note

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