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Edelweiss Discount Brokerage: Edelweiss Lite Brokerage Plan 2020

Edelweiss Broking Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary of Edelweiss group which is one of the ones the leading diversified financial group in India established in 1995 Catering to corporate, institutions & individuals.

Edelweiss Lite (Brokerage Plan): Edelweiss Discount Brokerage Plan

To compete with increased competition from discount brokers Edelweiss has also launched a new Brokerage Plan Edelweiss Lite which provides an opportunity to invest in the stock market at flat Rs.10/ order for all segments.

Edelweiss Lite Broking charges:

EQ Delivery Rs.10/ order
EQ Intraday Rs.10/ order
EQ Futures Rs.10/ order
EQ Options Rs.10/ order
CUR Futures Rs.10/ order
CUR Options Rs.10/ order

Edelweiss Lite Other charges:

Margin/ Funding (Leverage) Cash + Stock Margin (50% Cash / 50% Stock) For FNO, we will charge at 0.08%/day in case 50% cash is not maintained
Delayed Payment Interest (Normal) 0.08%/ day
Delayed Payment Interest (MTF) 0.08%/ day

Edelweiss Lite Value Added Services (Manual Support)

Call and Trade (Advisory, Trading) Rs.20/ Call
RM/ Advisor Not Available

Edelweiss Lite Tools & Features

Auto Collateral Free
Standard Tools (Watchlist, Screeners, Alerts etc.) Free
Advanced Charting Free
Market Info Free
Research Rs.50/ month
News (Live, Details) Free
Content Free
Notifications (Whatsapp) Rs.50/ month
Portfolio Organizer Free
Portfolio Optimizer Rs.100/ Request
Guided Portfolios Free
Investology Rs.100/ course

Edelweiss Lite Ancillary Charges

DP AMC 1st Year Free/ post Rs. 300 per annum
DP Fees (Trf Out/ Sell)/ Inter-settlement Fees Rs.15 flat per ISIN
Payin Rs.10/ transfer
Payout Free
Physical CML Request 1st Free/ Additional Rs. 120
Physical Contract Notes Rs.50/ note
Cheque payment Rs.500/ cheque
Pledge Charges Rs.60/ pledge
Physical Statement Charges (Ledger, PNL, Tax etc.) Rs.50/ note

FAQs about edelweiss lite brokerage plan:

  1. What is the edelweiss lite brokerage plan?
    • Edelweiss lite brokerage plan is a flat fees brokerage plan where edelweiss would charge Rs. 10 per Order for all segment.
  1. How to subscribe to the edelweiss lite brokerage plan?
    • Edelweiss Lite plan is currently available at the time of account opening for all new customers of Edelweiss. You can choose the option during the account opening journey and get enabled for the Edelweiss Lite plan.
  1. Is there a minimum Brokerage applicable to edelweiss lite brokerage plan?
    • There is no Minimum brokerage applicable for Lite brokerage Plan