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Zerodha FAQs

Zerodha FAQs

Zerodha is the number one brokerage firm based out of Banglore, Zerodha works as a flat fee share broker popularly known as Discount brokers, Budget Brokers, or Pay Per Order Brokerage. The said discount broking model avoids variable charges based on the volume and charges flat fees irrespective of volumes therefore favors traders who take large futures and options provisions. For Indian residents, Zerodha charges a brokerage of 0.03% or ₹20 per executed order, whichever is lower, irrespective of the number of shares or their value (other than equity delivery trade which is free).In the case of the NRI account, Zerodha charges a brokerage of 0.1% OR Rs. 200 per executed order for equity (whichever is lower) and for Rs. 100 per order for F&O trade. Zerodha charges only Rs. 500 for opening an NRI trading account

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