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Zerodha Sensibull Review

Zerodha Sensibull Review

Being a trader and investor, sometimes it is hard to stay put when the market keeps fluctuating. Therefore, options Trading is developed for those who are looking beyond bonds, stocks, or mutual funds portfolios as it gives good alternatives to maintain an excellent diverse portfolio for the long run. 

Options Trading is a platform that helps investors give an idea of buying or selling securities on a particular date and specific rate. Though there are huge risks involved in Options Trading but rewards are equally high when the trader knows how to work on the platform.

Sensibull is one of India's first and best Options Trading platforms developed especially for advanced investors. Sensibull simplifies the investment strategy by suggesting numerous ways for a detailed market view. 

Sensibull on Zerodha Kite offers excellent tools to optimize the trades. Zerodha users can now access the Sensibull from Kite and it is free for all Zerodha Kite users. 

Sensibull helps the investors by presenting all crucial information about the investment such as volatility, risk, and profit or loss before starting on Options Trading. It aims to offer a safe trading platform with the highest virtual safety and profitability for investors.


Zerodha Sensibull Features

Sensibull on Zerodha Kite offers good insightful features for its users:


Option Strategies

Option strategies offer simple trading options to predict the index value in the coming days.

For instance, NIFT would trade on below, neutral, or above on this Friday? There will be two options — Average Move or Big Move. The trader needs to have knowledge about the market and make a prediction.

Option Central

Option Central offers various trading possibilities by analyzing OI buildups, IV percentage, volume breakouts, and many more.

My Strategies

For an expert trader, strategy building is an option to build your own strategy or pick the different options from the in-built readymade strategies in the Sensibull app.

Option Chain

Option Chain offers an easy method to understand and learn the market’s real-time status at one glance and analyze it via OI (Open Interest) calls and puts — OI change in percentage, lakh, and LTP value. Moreover, the user can get the P&L alerts and real-time price alerts on mobile app notifications and whats app.

Compare Options

In the Sensibull app, the traders can compare the different stocks to view the market movement under one window to make it easier.

Event Calendar

Event calendar specially designed to alert the trader for the global events, public holidays, F&O results, etc., that can impact trading strategies. Event Calendar has an inbuilt risk analysis factor in notifying the trader weeks before the event takes place.


How to do trading in Sensibull on Zerodha Kite?

  • Download the Sensibull app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). Alternately, you can log in via https://sensibull.com/
  • Choose login with Zerodha.
  • Enter your Zerodha password (only if you log in via sensibull.com)
  • Enter your Zerodha six-digits pin
  • Authorize Sensibull
  • Select the index —NIFTY or BANKNIFTY you want to trade.
  • Choose Above, Neutral, or Down for the index chosen.
  • The Sensibull will show you either the Average Move or High Move option with the details of max profit or loss, funds needed to trade the particular index, and the quantity. 
  • Click on “Trade,” and the page will redirect you to your Zerodha account to place the order.


Advantages of Sensibull

  • The free version comes with the Basic Option Chain and Events Calendar. Sensibull also has seven day free PRO version trial.
  • Sensibull integrated software for beginners to learn how to do trading and the pro trader to trade in significant volume.
  • Easy comparison chart under one window.
  • The event options allow the trader to update the upcoming events in the market that helps them decide on the trading strategy.
  • Simple interface that helps any trader to learn the app quickly.


Limitations of Sensibull

  • To opt for advanced features like multi-strategy generator, real-time profit and loss, compare options, and many others, the user needs to subscribe for the PRO version, which costs INR 800 per month with 18% GST.
  • The beginner needs to have a basic knowledge about trading before could use the Sensibull platform.


Zerodha Sensibull Charges

Zerodha offers multiple plans to its customer if they wanted to opt for an options trading platform, details are as below

A. ZERODHA FREE SENSIBULL PLAN FEATURE — Options Chain and Basic Events Calendar

B. SENSIBULL LITE PLAN — INR 800/month + 18% GST

Features include:

  • Buy-Sell Data
  • Basket Orders
  • Multileg Strategy Generator
  • Events Calendar
  • Compare Options 
  • Enhanced Option Chain
  • Options Central 
  • Real-time Profit and Loss + greeks of the strategies and positions
  • At a time enable tracking up to 10 lots of sold position
  • Black Scholes Analyser


All Sensibull Lite Plan features with additional of:

  • At a time enable tracking up to 30 lots of sold position
  • Custom strategy builder
  • Analyze trades and positions
  • My strategies 


Sensibull is an options trading company that has tied up with trading brokers — Zerodha, Motilal Oswal, 5Paisa, and many others to make the trading experience seamless. Currently, Sensibull allows the trading of index — NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, and USD in India.

The trader needs to maintain a minimum margin of INR 50,000 or even higher depending upon the Index price and volume the trader wishes to trade-in.

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