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Is Binance crypto exchange safe for long-term trading and investment?

Binance has the highest safety of its crypto exchange platform. Each project and coin listed on Binance goes through in-depth analysis and security checks before being available for the users. Recently on November 5th, Binance delisted four digital coins — POA (POA), Agrello (DLT), Skycoin (SKY), and Genesis Vision (GVT).

Binance Chain is another blockchain system on Binance that supports the decentralized applications ecosystem and allows intelligent contracts on the blockchain.

Binance offers four types of security measures to its users:

Binance offers TSS (Threshold Signature Schemes) and multi-signature features to ensure the user's digital coin transition safety. In addition to this, 10% of all trading fees Binance stores in a highly secure fund to safeguard a share of trader's funds against any kind of losses.

Overall, Binance is a 100% safe trading platform for all users.

  • Google or Binance Authenticator
  • Authentication via SMS OTP
  • Email Authentication
  • Security Key Authentication

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