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Is Groww app good for mutual funds?

Groww provides you an opportunity to invest in a direct mutual fund via the Groww Mobile app at Zero commission. The answer to this question is Groww app good for mutual funds lies in seeing what Groww offers to their clients.

  1. Pre-defined Bouquet of Mutual Funds: A key feature that is provided by Groww, the readymade bouquet of Mutual funds in which you can find funds based on your investment needs such as “High return”, “Better than FD”, and “Top companies”. This is helpful for users who do not have much knowledge of investing. It guides users to these groups of mutual funds based on their investment goals.
  2. Mutual Fund Comparision: Groww also provides their user and an important feature in which it provides a comparison of different mutual fund schemes. This is very useful for a user who does not have an idea of which mutual fund he or she should invest. This feature allows them to compare returns over a period of time and lets them add up to three different funds.
  3. Dashboards and analytics: Groww provides useful dashboards and analytical tools which provide good infographics on the various options to invest in. The dashboards provide users a historical analysis of their funds’ performances and returns on investments.
  4. Xperts: Groww also provides an option to seek expert guidance on how to invest. This section contains tips and tricks from some of the biggest names in the industry, enabling users to make a well-informed decision.
  5. Tracking external investments: The Groww app also lets users combine the tracking of external investments along with their current investments. This enables the user to track and monitor all their funds from a single space using the Groww platform.
  6. Need of Demat Account: The biggest differentiator is that the Groww app does not need a user to have a Demat account and just needs a user to complete their KYC on the app.
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The Groww offers a lot more value to a user – experienced and inexperienced alike, making it a better investment platform for Mutual funds.

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