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What are the Rupee Tales by Zerodha?

“Rupee Tales” – a set of five books on the basics of finance which explains the same to kids through simple stories they can relate to.

Each book has a specific theme with engaging story line and lively characters and vibrant illustrations

The topics discussed in the five books are :-

  1. Savings – Anu Learns to Save – This simple story explains the importance of saving money regularly, from a very early age in life.
  2. Banking & Inflation – Mani’s Money – This story explains the concept of inflation, banking, and the need to deposit money in a savings account. The understanding of these concepts could lay a foundation to the idea of saving money in a financial instrument.
  3. Taxation – Vishrambu’s bus journey – A responsible citizen pays his share of taxes to the government. Taxes are an important part of our financial lives. In line with this, the story explains the concept of tax, and why one needs to pay them.
  4. Insurance – One and a Half stories – This story introduces the concept of insurance, and explains why it makes sense to get one.
  5. Stock Market – The Cake Shop – This story is about the stock market. It explains how a company can raise money from the stock market to expand its business. The story also explains how an investor can benefit by investing his money in a business via the stock market

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