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What is STF in WazirX?

STF — Smart Token Funds is an initiative by WazirX to simplify cryptocurrency trading for those new to crypto trading or who don’t have enough time to research crypto exchanges. Under the STF market, users can find a group of traders, their portfolio, strategies they follow, their asset allocations, and the number of days since they started trading. There are 1000+ investors on WazirX currently.


The trader has their own coin codes, for instance, Money Guru Digital Token (XMGD). For a start, if the user thinks the Money Guru Digital Token is good for them, they need to buy their token XMGD at the provided rate, for instance, USDT 4.6483 for one token. The token price is based on the STF trader asset holder and STF supply. In return, the new user will earn a 25% commission when the trader makes a profit.

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