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What other products/services are offered by Bitbns?

  1. Bitbns Hardware Cold Wallet

    Private keys stored on a hot wallet are connected to the internet as the transaction is required to be made from a single online device; therefore, it can be vulnerable to cybercrime. On the other hand, the hardware cold wallet operates on an offline device to develop private keys offline, and it cannot be compromised as the device is not connected to the internet.

    Bitbns offers a hardware cold wallet, a slimmest digital card that can be carried in a pocket. 

  2. Bitbns Pay Debit Card

    While everyone knows that crypto trading currently has excellent returns, Bitbns offers Bitbns Pay Debit Card that allows the users to buy anything online or office at PoS by using their digital assets. In addition to this, the debit card offers a flat 3% discount on each transaction with no minimum value. The user can get Bitbns Pay Debit Card at a nominal fee of USD 75.

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