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Which is the better crypto exchange platform Binance or CoinSwitch Kuber?

  • Binance is the globally largest crypto exchange platform in terms of volume, offering services in 180+ countries. In contrast, CoinSwitch Kuber is available only in India and accepts only one fiat currency — INR (Indian Rupees), focusing on developing the crypto ecosystem in India.
  • Binance offers free deposit if the traders use Binance Coin (BNB) and offers a flat 0.1% for the non-BNB users — maker and taker. CoinSwitch Kuber offers free trading + free deposit + free withdrawal to its users.
  • Binance is suitable for advanced traders as there are so many complex UI features on the app. CoinSwitch Kuber is beginner-friendly, offering simple UI features.
  • WazirX, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform is backed by Binance thus anyone who is using WazirX crypto exchange can perform the trading on Binance. CoinSwitch Kuber is financially backed by Coinbase, Ribbit Capital, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global, and Paradigm.
  • Binance is available on App Store, Android APK, Google Play, macOS, Windows, Linux, and API. CoinSwitch Kuber is only available on the App Store (iOS device) and Google Play (Android device).

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