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How much brokerage does Market Wolf charge for Equity Delivery, Intraday, F&O, Currency, and Commodity?

Market Wolf charges flat 10% brokerage of Gross Profit on profit trades only and NIL brokerage on losing trades. However, even though you are not making any profit or loss on Market Wolf, the platform deducts SEBI charges, Stamp Duty, Exchange fee, and GST.


For instance, the trader invested INR 200 in Gold Petal commodity and square off the trading without making any profit or loss; the system will charge — SEBI: INR 0.15 | Stamp Duty: INR 0.07 | Exchange Fee: INR 1.34 | GST: INR 0.24 and the trader get the amount of INR 198.19 credited in the account.

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