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Is Market Wolf a trustable stockbroker?

Yes, Market Wolf is a 100% trustable broker.

Vishesh Dhingra is a founder of Market Wolf who has 15 years of experience in market trading. Each feature on Market Wolf is designed out of his experience. Each trade on Market Wolf has an exit strategy, Stop Order — set profit (reward) and loss (risk) percentage. The trade will be auto square off if it hits the % set during the trade. For instance, if the trader sets the profit at 25% and loss on 10%, thus when the market falls, it will auto squared off, and the trader won’t bear a huge loss amount. Similarly, the trade will be auto squared off after hitting the 25% percent level.

In addition to this, Market Wolf has only listed most liquid stocks and does not offer other stocks. Furthermore, Market Wolf only charges brokerage when the trader makes a profit and zero charges on loss trade. 

Market Wolf encourages young traders to learn the right trading way and avoid having a huge risk appetite without knowing about their stock. 

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