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How to buy IPO via Zerodha?

Till sometime back Zerodha was not offering the facility of IPO application, As a customer of Zerodha, you supposed to apply for IPOs using the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) from your respective bank's net banking portal or by visiting a bank and submitting a physical application with your Zerodha demat account number. SEBI has now made it mandatory for all IPOs to be supported by UPI 2.0. This means that Zerodha can now support IPO applications on our own via Zerodha Console.Now you can use your UPI ID as a payment option while subscribing for IPO on National Stock Exchange(NSE) & Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE).You need to enter the bid price, quantity, and your UPI ID and ask Zerodha to use UPI ID as the payment option while filling the IPO application at Zerodha Console.

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