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Which is better Groww vs Zerodha?

Zerodha & Groww both are discount broking firms providing flat fees brokerage and do not provide trading tips & stock recommendations. The answer to this question lies in seeing the comparative analysis of their offerings and Charges.

  1. Experience: Nithin Kamath, founder, and CEO of Zerodha established the company in the year 2010, Zerodha headquarter is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Groww founded in 2016 and had initially started as a direct mutual fund investment platform for users. By the time they have created immense popularity among users in the mid-2020s, Groww expanded its product offering to include Equity trading. Harsh Jain is the Co-Founder & COO of Groww and is also based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

    If we analyze Zerodha has >10 years of experience in the stockbroking field whereas Groww is quite new and has started equity broking services in the mid-2020s only.

  2. Active Client Base: Zerodha is currently number 1 in terms of Active Clients base in India and has more than 36,14,054 active clients as of April 2021 whereas Groww has about 7,54,919 active client list but it is worthwhile to note that Groww reached such number in less than a years time which shows its growing popularity.
  3. Account Opening & Charges: Zerodha & Groww both provide online, paperless account opening within minutes. There are no Account opening charges as well as AMC charges for Groww means it provides completely free account opening, whereas Zerodha does charge a one-time fee of Rs.200 for equity and Rs.300 for (Equity, FNO, Currency, commodity) and Rs.300 AMC.
  4. Brokerage: Zerodha brokerages are lower than Groww, Zerodha offers free equity delivery trades, whereas Groww charges Rs.20 or 0.05%.Zerodha is charging a little lower as they charging Rs.20 or 0.03% whereas Groww is charging Rs.20 or 0.05% for Intraday & F&O Trades.
  5. Call & Trade Facility & Charges: Call and trade charges are Rs.50 for Zerodha, whereas no call and trade facility provided by Groww as of now.
  6. Trading Services: As of now you can only trade and invest in stocks (equity delivery) & Equity FNO segments at Groww, Commodity, Currency segments are yet to be launched, whereas with Zerodha you can trade and invest in all segments.
  7. Investment Services: With Groww you can make investments in Gold, Fixed deposits, US stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. online using the Groww platform whereas no such facility with Zerodha as of now.
  8. Trading Platforms: Zerodha has an extremely good trading platform for desktop/web/mobile app, you can do fundamental as well as technical analysis quite easily, and is much better than Groww platforms. It is also worthwhile to note that Groww does not provide a desktop trading platform. Overall Zerodha in comparison to Groww trading platform offers a much better user interface as well as they have many other services integrated within the platform such as Sensibull, small case, tickertape, streak, etc. Get the offer

If you ask My opinion Groww vs Zerodha who is better?

I would Say as of Now Zerodha as it offers all required services in one place offer better trading experience with technologically advanced trading platforms & tools and at comparatively lower brokerage and have the trust of more than 3.6m active clients.

In my opinion, Groww still needs to do a lot to fulfill the stockbroking requirements such as allowing currency and commodity trading. Moreover, from a trading perspective, they need to come up with a dedicated desktop platform for their users.

Having said that, I like their key USP of allowing clients to invest in US stocks, their strength in financial data for fundamental analysis, Free mutual funds investments.

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