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Finvasia offers various investment options such as equity intraday, equity delivery, direct mutual funds, Mutual fund SIP, IPO, ETF, Bonds, and Global stocks, etc. Finvasia offers lifetime zero brokerage trading services across all the segments on BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX. Customers pay absolutely no brokerage while trading with Finvasia. The brokerage free trading is available in all the exchanges and segments like delivery. intraday, F&O, Currency & Commodity Trading. Finvasia also doesn't charge Clearing Fee. Let's find out what Finvasia offers to its clients:

  1. Retail

    • Stocks: Stocks are also known as equities, a form of securities representing a fraction of a company's ownership. Finvasia offers a wide range of company shares; in addition, some shares offer a dividend, a regular interest payout. Stock investment is a good idea for long-term investment. Finvasia provides a complete company portfolio and allows the investors to research before investing in the market.
    • F&O (Futures & Options): Finvasia offers Futures and Options to its investors. Future trading is a contract/agreement where the trader will sell or buy the fixed stock quantities at a fixed price on a chosen date. In contrast, Options trading offers a privilege to select whether to sell or buy the stocks at an agreed date and price.
    • Currencies: Finvasia offers currency derivatives that include trading in USD, JPY, GBP, and EUR. Currency Derivatives provide a fantastic opportunity for traders and efficiently help manage the investor's foreign exchange rate risk with the Indian currency trading.
    • Commodities: Finvasia offers commodity trading in energy, metal, livestock, and agriculture. Commodity trading is considered one of the best ways to diversify the portfolio but does have a higher risk because the commodities prices move opposite to the stock market. Commodity Derivatives are traded at a future price.
    • Mutual Funds & SIP: Finvasia’s fund partners are Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Bajaj Allianz, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Reliance Mutual Funds, DSP Black Rock Mutual Fund, IDFC Mutual Funds, and many more. Finvasia allows the investors to invest in Mutual Funds through easy monthly SIP or lumpsum amounts.
    • Bonds ETF: Bonds ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is one of the cost-effective ways to start an investment as it offers access to various market products such as bonds, debts, currency derivatives, etc., under one roof. Bonds ETF helps the investors to have a diverse portfolio through one transaction.
    • Loan Against Shares: Finvasia offers seamless loans against shares where the investors can take loans against the shares, life insurance policies, bonds, or mutual funds as collateral to the various financial institutes against the loan amount.
  2. NRI — Non-Resident Indians

    Finvasia offers an excellent and simplified NRI trading platform globally, allowing them to invest in Equities, IPOs, Derivatives, and Mutual Funds. In addition to this, Finvasia also offers financial trading services to the PIO (Person Indian Origin)/OCI (Overseas Citizens of India), Foreign Nationals, and QFI (Qualified foreign investor) that are interested in investing in the Indian market. 

  3. FPI — Foreign Portfolio Investors

    FPI — Foreign Portfolio Investors is an investment type done by foreign investors in a country outside theirs, investing in other country's economies. Foreign investors are allowed to invest in Equity, Bonds, Debt, and Derivative Contracts in India. Finvasia is among the few brokers in India that have a license for FPI, even being discounted brokers. 

  4. HNI — High Networth Investors 

    Finvasia being a discounted broker also offers excellent wealth management solutions to high net worth investors who wish to invest more than INR 25 lakh in the market. Finvasia caters to the high net worth Indian investors and NRIs as well. Finvasia allows them to invest in various products — equities, commodities, real estates, and mutual funds ensuring the investors reap the maximum benefits.

FINVASIA Product & Services

Product & Services

Name Details
Delivery Based Trading * Yes
Margin Trading * No
Call in Trade * Yes
Trading in Both the exchanges * Yes
Limit Order * Yes
3-in-1 On-line Trading Account * No
NRI Services * No
SMS Alerts * No
Offers Multiple Plan * No
IPO Investment * Yes
Portfolio Analysis * Yes
Advanced Charting Features * -
Brokerage Calculator * Yes
Margin Calculator * Yes
Stop Loss Order * Yes
Bracket Orders & Trailing Stop Loss * Yes
Equity Future & Option Trading * Yes
Currency Future & Option Trading * Yes
Market Trading * Yes
Monthly & Yearly Plan * No
Aumtomated Trading * Yes
FINVASIA Customer Services

Customer Services

Name Details
Toll Free Number * No
Live Chat Facility * Yes
Email Facility * Yes
Branch Offices * No
Customer Care * Info Not Available
Community Service * No
Relationship Manager * No
24/7 Support * No
FINVASIA Other Investement

Other Investement

Name Details
Commodity Trading * Yes
Investment in ETFs * Yes
Investment in Mutual Funds * Yes
Investment in Bonds * Yes
Investment in Corporate Debt instruments * No
Insurance Services * No
Banking Services * No
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