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It offers trading platform across devices including install-able desktop software (KEAT Pro X ), HTML based trading platform (Fastlane ) and mobile App (KST).

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KEAT ProX is a free, simple and high speed web-based trading platform that gives you control over your portfolio, allows you to track the markets live, as well as buy and sell securities online, in real time. KEAT ProX deals with scrips on the BSE, NSE and NSE Currency markets.

Key Features:

  • Up-to-date Account Information: Keep tabs on how your portfolio performs on a minute by minute basis, get updates on transactions made, view positions and know exactly how much profit or loss you–ve made.
  • Stock Recommendations
  • Live-streaming Stock Market data: Live stock quotes, Market lots, data on top gainers or losers, updates on the indices (Sensex, Nifty), most active scrips and more.
  • Watchlists : Create personalized watchlists and track in real time, certain stocks of your choice. You can create multiple watchlists and each watchlist may contain up to 100 scrips each.
  • Charting Tools: Make graphs and charts tracking the past and future projected performance of your favourite scrips using the unique charting tools.
  • High speed

What are the benefits?

Free:This multi-functional online share trading software comes completely free with your Kotak Securities Trading Account.

Highly integrated:KEAT Pro X allows you to access BSE, NSE and NSE currency markets in the same platform. You can even trade in equities, derivatives and currencies using a single platform. The stock market software comes free of charge with your online trading account.

Customizable:The trading software allows you to create watchlists with any combination of scrips, industry sectors, stock market indices of your choice. You can even customize the User Interface as per your convenience – move around the columns, rename the watchlists and so much more.

Complete Portfolio Control :Some of the interesting things you can do to your portfolio with KEAT Pro X are:

  • View confirmations of orders placed and trades that you&aspos;ve made
  • Monitor profits and losses
  • Trade long contracts
  • Sell from existing stocks
  • Limits, Positions tabs available in the Risk Report section
  • View live on Market Depth

Kotak Stock Trader (KST):

KST is a mobile-based application which allows you to trade from your mobile phone anywhere, anytime. The Kotak Stock Trader allows you to trade in equities, derivatives and currency derivatives, track your portfolio, get live streaming market updates and stock quotes, and loads more.

Key Features:

  • Trade online:Buy and sell securities, cancel and modify orders on BSE and NSE while on the go. You can also set your stop loss price and trigger price through the mobile trading application.
  • Track your portfolio in real time
  • Get live streaming stock market data:Get live quotes, tips and intraday charts, track market movements by the minute, get updates on Indices right on your mobile phone screen.
  • Create Watch lists:Track the scripts of your choice by creating personalized watchlists. You can also access the default watchlists as well as watch 'My Investments' and 'My Positions' on the mobile share trading software.
  • Transfer Funds:Move funds between your bank account and online trading account easily. You can even transfer funds from your bank account into your mutual fund account via Stock Trader.
  • Check Margin:Check available funds in your account and total margin on your account by clicking on 'Available Funds'. This section of the mobile trading application also gives you the limits you have available against shares in your account.

Benefits of KST

  • All the benefits of a full-fledged online trading platform, right inside your mobile phone
  • High level of security for all your account and trading data
  • Never miss an opportunity to buy or sell, with real time stock market updates on the go.
  • Up to date information on all your investments at a glance, without logging into your computer or digging through physical statements.
  • Ability to rectify or cancel trades even when you are not near a trading terminal.


Fastlane is Java based trading application. Fastlane gives you K EAT ProX-like trading experience when your office premises do not allow application installations.

Benefits of Fastlane

  • All the benefits of a full-fledged trading software in a light, fast applet.
  • Circumvent firewalls on your work computer with Fastlane
  • No need to install or run any software to access it


Kotak Securities introduces Xtralite, an extra-light, super-fast trading website specially designed for trading using slow internet connections. Now, you can use your existing internet connections to trade in the equity and derivative markets.

Benefits of Fastlane
  • Works on slow internet connections
  • Designed to work on mobile
  • Full access to Quotes, order placement in the equity and derivative segments and order status
  • Allows monitoring your portfolio and instantly placing Buy / Sell trades
  • Check the funds available in your account for trading
  • Access to Kotak Securities' research