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An Overview of Zerodha Last Traded Price

LTP is a stock's Last Traded Price, the final rate the order gets executed on the exchange. LTP helps the traders study the stock price of previous days and weeks and predict the stock price in the future. The last traded price helps the trader to determine whether to purchase or sell the stocks.

Zerodha GTT Order

GTT order allows the trader to buy the stock and keep it in the account until the trigger amount hits or one year after the order is placed — whichever comes first. Thus, the GTT order helps the investor to maintain their portfolio safely and efficiently.

Zerodha Streak Review -An algo Trading Platform of Zerodha

Zerodha Streak is an Algo Trading method developed by Zerodha, Zerodha Streak, a semi-automated algorithm cloud-based platform, is great for those who wish to trade using the automated features, helping them trade in large volumes and scale their portfolio.

What is Algo Trading and How it works

Algorithmic Trading, better known as Algo Trading, is a trading method in the stock market carried out by algorithm-based software, which is inbuilt AI technology with pre-defined processes to calculate the trading and predict the future prices. In addition, Algo Trading software eliminates the chances of human error as it is built by machine learning to have a 99% error-free formula.