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ProStock comes with the very affordable pricing structure which consists of Rs.15 for equity Delivery ,Intraday, F&O, Commodity trades.

ProStock Brokerage Plan 2020

Prostock is famous in the stock-broking industry for its low rates and offers attractive yearly and monthly plans for active traders:

ProStocks Rs 15 Flat Fees Plan : In this plan, the customer has to pay flat Rs 15, no matter what is the size and number of transactions. Trading is available in all segments at BSE and NSE for one same rate.

ProStocks Unlimited Monthly Plan : ProStocks offer FREE Trading + Demat Account. You can trade unlimited in Equity and Equity F&O segment for Rs 899/month irrespective of volume and number of trades per month. It will best suit active traders. They have a currency plan for Rs 499 per month on NSE or BSE.

ProStocks Yearly Plan : There is a yearly plan also available which is of Rs. 8999 unlimited equity cash, Equity F&O trading, Unlimited currency trading in exchange for a year at Rs 4999. If you choose this plan, you dont need to pay any other brokerage. However, other extra charges are levied.

Special Offer: Unlimited Equity Trading- Rs 899/PM, 8999/PY or Brokerage free equity delivery trading + Flat ₹15 Intra-day and F&O trades. Get the offer
ProStocks Account Opening & AMC Charges

ProStocks charges ₹0 for the opening of a trading account with them and is the one-time fee charged while initiating your account opening process. ₹0 (Lifetime Zero AMC) are annual maintenance charges for a demat account and would get deducted from your account even if you have not traded for a year by ProStocks to maintain your account.

Name Details
Trading Account Opening Fee ₹0
Demat Account Opening Fee ₹0 (Free)
Demat Account AMC ₹0 (Lifetime Zero AMC)
Trading Account AMC ₹0
ProStocks Brokerage Charges

Please find below ProStocks Brokerage charges in their basic Plan. ProStocks provides delivery trade at ₹0, Intraday Trade at ₹15, Equity Future Trade at ₹15, and Equity Option Trade at ₹15.

Plan Name Flat Fee Plan
(₹15 per executed order)
Unlimited Yearly Plan
Equity Delivery ₹0 NA
Equity Intraday ₹15 NA
Equity Future ₹15 NA
Equity Options ₹15 NA
Currency Futures ₹15 ₹0
Currency Options ₹15 ₹0
Monthly Fee - ₹499
Margin Trading - -
Commodity Futures NA NA
Commodity Options NA NA
ProStocks Transaction Charges (Per Crore)

The Brokers in India charges Transaction / Turnover charges along with Brokerage on every order executed through the stock exchange. These charges differ by the stock exchange in which you trade and type of trades like delivery, intraday or F&O, etc. ProStocks Transaction charges are as per the below table:

Name Details
Equity Delivery NSE: 0.00325% | BSE: 0.00275%
Equity Intraday NSE: 0.00325% | BSE: 0.00275%
Equity Future * NSE: 0.0019% | BSE: 0.0005%
Equity Options * NSE: 0.050% | BSE: 0.0025%
Currency Futures * NSE: 0.0011% | BSE: 0.0001%
Currency Options NSE: 0.040% | BSE: 0.0001%
Commodity -
ProStocks Other Charges

A lot of other Charges are getting levied other than brokerage by ProStocks like minimum brokerage, call & Trade charges, Stamp duty, DP Charges, etc. A list of the same is in the below table.

Name Details
Minimum Brokerage ₹0
Call & Trade Intraday and F&O: ₹10 per trade. Delivery: ₹25 per
Stamp Duty * ₹50
DP Charges (on sell side) ₹20 per scrip for equity delivery trade+18% GST
Other Miscellaneous Charges ₹50 per Contract note for Physical delivery
ProStocks Demat Account Charges

The charges on Demat account transactions are charged separately and over and above trading Brokerage. Find ProStocks demat account charges 2020.

Name Details
Depository Service Provider CDSL
Account Opening Fee ₹0 (Free)
Advance Deposit ₹1000 refundable deposit
AMC ₹0 (Free)
Dematerialisation Charges ₹50 per set up + ₹50 courier charges
Rematerialisation Charges ₹50 per set up + ₹50 courier charges
Transaction Charges (Credit) -
Transaction Charges (debit) ₹20 Per Debit Transaction
Pledge Creation Charges ₹50
Pledge Creation Confirmation Charges NIL
Pledge Invocation Charges ₹50
Failed Instruction Charges ₹50
Other Charges GST on all charges

ProStocks Charges Explained:

  • Securities / Commodities Transaction Tax : Tax levied by the government when transacting on the stock exchanges. Charged on both buy and sell sides while trading equity delivery. Charged only on the side of sale when trading intraday or on F&O.

  • Transaction/Turnover Charges : Exchange transaction charges + Clearing charges which are charged by NSE, BSE, MCX, and clearing member.

  • Call & Trade : Additional charges of Rs.10 per executed order.

  • Stamp Charges: Charged as per the state of the client's correspondence address. * In case of Pro-stock, except customers from Maharashtra, all customers pay stamp duty of Union Territory of Daman and Diu which is 0.01% (Max Rs 50 per day).

  • GST: Tax levied by the government on the services rendered at 18% of ( brokerage + transaction charges.

  • SEBI Charges : Charged at ₹15 per crore by Securities and Exchange Board of India for regulating the markets.

  • DP (Depository participant) charges: DP Charges of ₹8 per scrip (irrespective of quantity) debited from demat account when stocks are sold.

Special Offer: Unlimited Equity Trading- Rs 899/PM, 8999/PY or Brokerage free equity delivery trading + Flat ₹15 Intra-day and F&O trades. Get the offer

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