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Trading Platform & Tools


It offers trading platform across devices including install-able desktop software (), HTML based trading platform and mobile App.

Motilal Oswal Research and Advice / Trading Tips

Research and Advice / Trading Tips

Name Details
Equity Trading Recommendation * Yes
Equity Investment Recommendation * Yes
Recommendation basis risk Profile * Yes
Comparison * Yes
Free Tips * Yes
Daily Market report * Yes
ETF research * Yes
Quarterly Results * Yes
Motilal Oswal Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Name Details
Web Platform * Yes
Android Mobile App * Yes
Desktop Windows * Yes
Desktop Mac * No
I-Pad App * No
Virtual Trading * Yes
iPhone Mobile App * Yes

Motilal Oswal offers 5 trading platforms to its customers:

Motilal Oswal offers clients access to their most powerful, fast & secure technology across all platforms: Motilaloswal.com (web-based) ,desktop-based and on Mobile Apps for tablets and Smartphone's.

Desktop Based Platform: This is the downloadable trading terminal available for secure and super-fast trading with insight, action and review facility. The key features of this terminal are:

  • Advance charting tools and tick by tick action watch.
  • High speed feed ,multi-asset trading and execution even at low Band width.
  • Multi asset watchlist, News and analysis tools.
  • Solid research and advice across asset class.
  • Access to over 30,000 research reports across all asset classes in a single click.
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms


Web Based Platform:

Motilaloswal.com is the safe and secure web portal of the broker for trading with confidence with all the advanced features like single sign on, fast order execution, Access to Market Summary, multiple Watchlist, recommendations, and so on.



Mobile App based Platform:

MOSLAPP is available to download on Android, Apple, and BlackBerry Smartphone's and tablets. The app comes with all smart features like trading across all segments, multi-asset watch-list with real time quotes and advanced charts, recommendations and real time portfolio monitoring.



Key Highlights:

  • My wallet provides Single view snapshot of your orders, positions and limits.
  • Get Quote page with complete information about the company searched by you on NSE & BSE.
  • Market screeners help you spot the trending stocks.
  • Algo based products like Trade guide signal, Option Writer, Option Decoder & ACE
  • Execute multiple order from single click through bulk order functionality
  • Real time charts with historical data
  • Stock market tips, news and recommendations.
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms
Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms
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